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The following awards represent a strong tradition in the NCWC Hockey Program.  These awards are to be presented at the end of the year party by the coaching staff.  In addition to these awards, Coaches are strongly encouraged to recognize each child for their unique contribution to the team.

The Coaches’ Award

Awarded to one Travel Team member and to one Senior House League Member who has demonstrated outstanding spirit, dedication, sportsmanship and leadership to the team.  A “top” and most valuable player who has benefited the team in every way.

The Mleczko Award

Award named for Tom Mleczko, a former coach, long time contributor to the NCWC and father of 1998 gold medal Olympic champion A.J. Mleczko.  It is given to the travel player who has demonstrated exceptional effort and improvement throughout the season.  Typified as a hard worker and most improved player.

The NCWC Sportsmanship Award

Given to the travel player who best demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season.  This individual is a true team player, supportive of his/her teammates in every way.

The NCWC Award

This is a special award given at the travel Bantam level only and need not to be given annually.  Awarded to the player who best represents the NCWC Travel Hockey Program.  The recipient is generally a player who has been a part of the NCWC Hockey program for five or more years.

2003                Chris Downer & Nick Downer

2004                James Einstein

2005                Thomas Growney

2006                Win Hotchiss

2007                Ted Growney

2008                Bennett DuPont

2009                Michael Somerby

2010                Jenkins Marshall

2011                PJ Webb

The Jane P. Resor Award

Awarded to a girl and boy Senior House player in recognition of the inspiration given their teammates by their sportsmanship and enthusiasm for hockey.

2006                Nolan Stewart

Matt Connors

2007                Charlie Kelly

Charlotte Fager

2008                Avery Stewart

Riker Jones

2009                David Del Prete

Mollie Riegel

2010                Matty Wieczorek

Madeleine Ker

2011                Lucy Bostwick

Natalie de Ney

Dawson Jones

2012                Clay Kontulis

Katelyn Schoenholtz