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New Canaan Winter Club

​Badge and USFSA Testing

The Winter Club teaches, arranges tests for and awards for the Learn to Skate USA Program endorsed by USA Hockey, US Figure Skating, and US Speed Skating and described on the "Learn to Skate USA" tab.  For badge levels and qualifications, please click on "Learn to Skate USA" at left for detailed descriptions of moves you need to be able to execute in order to earn a particular badge.

The NCWC schedules badge testing several times during the year.  Arrange all testing through a club professional.

Once a year, we schedule a USFSA Test Session.  This session is for skaters in the Masters/Advanced Figure Skating classes to test under the United States Figure skating track in the disciplines of Ice Dance, Moves in the Field and Freestyle.

How is a skater evaluated?

All skaters enrolled in each Group Skating class will be evaluated by the Head Pro during the first full week of the season.  The evaluation includes a review of skills leading up to the badge level of each individual class.  Badges are the classifying system that we use to teach skating skills in a chronological order.  Each badge has a curriculum of 6-10 skills that skaters are required to master before advancing to the next level.  There is a possibility that skaters will be transferred based on Pro evaluations.  Throughout the season, skaters will be given an opportunity to test based on a Pro's recommendation.

What is a badge?

A badge is a colored patch awarded to a skater upon completion of a level.   Each level contains a set of skills designed to build off the previous set.  

What is the purpose for testing?

The test structure is a ladder of proficiency tests designed to encourage skill development and measure skill mastery.  

How can a skater test out of their level?

Whenever the Head Pro for a class feels a skater is ready to be tested, that Pro will sign up and/or contact Christi Jones to schedule the test.  There are two evaluators for these tests: Christi Jones and Laura Vescovi.  Most tests average around 10 minutes for completion.  The evaluator will call out one skill at a time for the skater to perform.  Upon completion of the test, the evaluator will offer feedback to the skater.  In the event that the evaluator feels the skater needs more work on a particular skill or two, a retest can be scheduled.  Those skaters that pass their set of skills are awarded with a badge.

How does a skater earn points?

Each US Figure Skating test has a point value.   As a skater advances (passes) these tests, the points earned are totaled and our big Merit awards are given to the skater with the most points.   Points can be earned in the following disciplines:  Free Skate, Moves in the Field, Ice Dance.

What is Moves in the Field?

Moves in the field is a name given to elements of figure skating that emphasize basic skating skill and edge control. In the context of a competitive program, 'moves in the field' include spiralsspread eaglesIna Bauershydroblading, and similar extended edge moves

What is Ice Dancing?

Ice dancing is a discipline of figure skating that draws from ballroom dancing.  In compulsory dance, skaters perform the same standard steps and holds to music of a specified tempo.

What does USFSA and PSA stand for?

            USFSA: United States Figure Skating Association (Colorado Springs, CO)