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Chucky Marquardt – Class of 77, and starting Center for the Sectional Championship team for Pittsford Mendon, passed away suddenly July 2, 2010, after a long Bike ride – Chuck was in excellent condition – and the tragedy was completely unexpected. Thank you Fred Potter for his lovely memorium.

Remembering our Dear Friend, Chucky Marquardt:
For many of us, our memories and Friendship with Chucky Marquardt began with his outstanding play on the Hockey Rink – a perennial All Star – and top goal scorer in each of the leagues he played.
I first met Chuck as a Midget Hockey player – we played on the Travel team, always driving to Canada with his Mom and Dad, his sister– and playing in Summer Hockey camps with dear Friends like Johnny Keelan of McQuaid.  Chuck had lots of friends, and admirers on the Rink – Johnny Post, Timmy Lausin, Glenn Collins, Jim Edwards, Doug Collins , Bruce Collins, Gardner Kavanaugh, Rick Kozlowski, Jimmy Meyers, TC Meyers, the Maher Brothers, Tom Birch, Jeff Teal, -- all these guys were tough – some older than Chuck, some younger – but never any better – Chuck was always a leading Goal Scorer, despite his unselfish play.
Chuck was a rock solid hitter, and excellent goal scorer and top playmaker.
Chuck lead his team to the Sectional High School Championship, beating Rival Pittsford Sutherland, in 1977. Chuck was again an All Star, and selected as first team Center that year.  He played his finest game ever in winning that Championship – logging almost 50 minutes of ice time – as many of his fellow players had to miss the game with the Flu – Chuck assisted on the winning Goal in Overtime – in a remarkable 2-1 Victory – Standing room only at the RIT College Hockey Rink.
As high school summers moved to College – we would continue to play Summer hockey – four nights per week – Chuck would often drive his station wagon – and pick us all up – the rides to and from the Rink were often as much fun as the games themselves.
What was especially fun about Summer hockey is how we dominated!  With Chuck as our Star Center, Johnny Keelan and I picked up lots of goals – and spent time rocking other Hockey players in the corners – almost always coming out with the puck – a pass to Chuck – and “another goal” – we were affectionately called “The Line” – Chuck was unstoppable, and sure loved the game.    
Chuck also fully and completely  Loved his mother, and his Mother and Dad sure loved him – it was a very special relationship Chuck shared with his Mom – unique in fact – as Ms Marquardt always poured out her love for her son. She was always so proud of what Chuck was becoming, and what he would become as a young man, a father, a husband and a Friend.   
We had so much fun with Chuck too – the Marquardt family had a Ski Boat – and we would spend summers Water skiing down on Canandaigua Lake outside of Rochester– the “Bay of Glass” – Sunshine and cool water, and so many other Happy Memories – growing up with Chuck was Chalked full of Fun – we never had it any better than that!
Later on Chuck would be accepted at St Bonaventure – and have a wonderful College Career – he was an excellent student – and built even closer quality relationships with dear high school friends such as Mary Ann Zeifang, Larry O’ Shaunnessy, and Doug and Cathy Collins.  We will all miss Chuck dearly – both his high school and St Bonaventure friends.   
While much more could be said about all the excellence and unselfishness Chuck displayed as a friend to us all – I know his favorite moments, those he was most proud of – we that of a full time father, a faithful husband, and a fair and decent Friend. He overcame recent family hardships with a deep commitment, and a solid and steady hand – Chuck was an extremely strong man.
We certainly join many others in remembering all of Chuck’s accomplishments, his dear friendship – and his lasting example of  a true family man.
Chuck set his priorities straight – and served as a fine example to all of us who knew him – for nearly 40 years. The only comforting news we might be able to find in all of this –are the moments Chuck’s passing makes us take – to be fine examples and live life as Chuck would want us too – and take some comfort in the fact, that someday – we are all going to see each other again.  God Bless Our dear Friend, Chucky Marquardt.   
Extending all Love and Good thoughts to Chuck’s Family, Forever and Always,
Fred Potter, and Chuck’s Dear Friends Everywhere