Please bring the following documents with you on the first day of DYHA travel tryouts. Please make sure that they are completed in their entirety before you arrive at the rink. All registration fees must be paid in advance or you must have made prior arrangements with the DYHA treasurer for financial aid. Players without the proper paperwork will not be permitted to tryout. Any checks listed below need to be separate checks - they cannot be combined into one check.  Checks written for multiple players should be separated as well.

Please keep in mind that NO PLAYER will be allowed on the ice for travel tryouts without providing the proper documentation listed below.

Reminder, each player must have registered with USA Hockey and obtained a new USA hockey number for the 2015-2016 season.
USA Hockey Registration Numbers: In order to register with the DYHA, it is mandatory that each player have his/her individual USA Hockey Registration Number. This number is obtained by registering with USA Hockey at their website, which includes paying a registration fee (approximately $40). The number is twelve characters long, with nine digits and the first five letters of the player’s name. To register with USA Hockey, click here.

  1. DYHA Payment Receipt for 2015-2016 Returning/New Player Registration (optional, but helpful) or, if open tryouts or trying out as a Non Registered Player, a check payable to "DYHA" for the $990 registration fee
  2. DYHA Code of Conduct
  3. USA Hockey Code of Conduct
  4. USA Hockey Consent to Treat
  5. Non-Registered Players need to bring the USA Hockey Waiver  (if registered, the waiver was completed as part of the registration process with DYHA and USA Hockey)
  6. Check payable to "DYHA" for the Travel Tryout Fee, listed below.
  7. Additional Check payable to "DYHA" for the Travel Supplement, listed below:

DYHA Travel Programs Tryout and Supplement Fees

2015/2016 Tryout Fee Schedule:
Midget Majors:      $100
Midget Minors:      $100
Bantams:             $175
Pee Wees:            $175
Squirts:                $175
Mite A/Mite A1:     $150
U19:                    $50
U16:                    $50
U14:                    $150
U12:                    $150
U10:                    $150
2015/2016 Travel Supplement Fee Schedule: 
(excludes Registration Fee and Tryout Fee)
Midget Majors:      $275
Midget Minors:      $175
Bantams:             $2,650
Pee Wees:            $2,675
Squirts:                $2,200
Mite A/Mite A1:     $2,100
Mite B:                 $1,100
U19:                    $275
U16:                    $900
U14:                    $2,450
U12:                    $2,450
U10:                    $2,300
U8:                      $850