At the Travel level, DYHA is committed to striking the right balance between striving to be among the most competitive program in its respective tiers in order to attract the strongest coaches and retain its strongest players, and remaining true to its commitment of being largely a community-based program.


Our Co-Ed DYHA travel program offers AA, A, A1 and B teams at the Squirt through Bantam Level and A, A1 and B teams as the Mite level.  We also offer a split season for the Miget Major and Midget Minor players. Our girls only Ice Cats travel program offers Tier I, A and A1 teams for the U14 and U12 levels and A, A1 for the U19/U16, U10, and U8 levels.

As a nonprofit, volunteer organization, DYHA is dependent on the commitment of parents and others to fill some coaching and all administrative positions. With the program's growth, the number of dedicated volunteers required annually exceeds one hundred people. DYHA also relies heavily on the generosity and support of parents and sponsors to keep our programs affordable to all. To the extent possible, the Association provides financial assistance to eager participants who would otherwise be excluded. The essence of this philosophy is reviewed and reaffirmed each year by the Board. In this regard the comments and suggestions of players and parents are always welcome.