Hawks Lacrosse


Payments/registrations received after January 15, 2023 will incur a late fee of $40.



Age groups will close early when they reach capacity. 





What is Hawks Lacrosse?

Hawks Lacrosse is a community-based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to spreading the great sport of lacrosse in Parker, Colorado and surrounding areas.

Who coaches for Hawks?

We have a mix of parents and young men who volunteer their time.  Most of our coaches have high school or college lacrosse playing experience, but we have several football, basketball and soccer coaches that have become very successful lacrosse coaches. 

Hawks also facilitates coaching clinics and will mentor anyone interested in getting involved in coaching lacrosse and improving your "Lacrosse I.Q." 

All head and assistant coaches are required to undergo Parker Youth Sports background checks, state certified concussion training and they must abide by and uphold both the Parker Youth Sports and US Lacrosse Code of Conduct. 

My son has no experience in lacrosse.  Can he play for Hawks Lacrosse?

All boys in grades 1-8 are welcome to play for Hawks. There are three levels of play (Blue, White and Red).

What type of commitment requirements should my player and I expect?

 Lacrosse demands practice, both formal team practice and personal practice of individual skills, particularly at the higher age/competitive levels. 

Hawks Lacrosse teams generally practice 2-3 times per week . Each practice lasts approximately 90 - 120 minutes.

Whether your team practices 2 or 3 times per week, every single practice is vital not only to building individual skills but the teamwork inherent to lacrosse.  If your player is unable to make a practice or a game, please advise the coach as soon as possible. 

Game playing time may be diminished due to absence at practice. 

Our coaches completely understand that "faith, family and school" always take priority over athletics.  However, it is difficult for coaches to justify game time for a player who only attended 1 practice versus a player that attended 3 practices.  As a spring sport, the unpredictable Colorado weather can compound this issue - practices and games may be canceled and rescheduled and plans will need to change. 

Please understand the impact on the team, the teammates, and the volunteer coaching staff if you are unable to commit to consistently attending practices and games. 

What is the Hawks policy on playing time?

 The AYL rules include mandatory game time.  Hawks Lacrosse allows coaches to determine player game time but with a philosophy that all players on Blue and White level teams will play in every game they attend. 

Player game time in the highest competitive level (Red/Elite) can be affected by player attitude, effort and skill.  At that level, Hawks permits coaches to set their own policies regarding playing time. 

What is the 2023 spring schedule for Hawks boys?

Boys will begin practice in late February 2023. Practices will run through the middle of May. 

Boys games will be held every Saturday from mid-March through the AYL Championship in the middle of May.  Most games will be held on Saturdays, but there may be games held on selected Sundays during the season or possibly during the week.

When and where are Hawks boys practices held?

Most teams will practice 2-3 times a week in Parker.

Head coaches will determine the practice days for their teams.

We cannot promise to assign a player to practice specifically at one location or the other, or to specific practice days. 

Where are Hawks games held?

Typically home games will be held at area schools or Bayou Gulch Regional Park.

All teams will travel for away games to locations around Colorado such as Denver, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Centennial, Littleton and Castle Rock.

What is the boy’s registration fee for 2023?  

Boy’s registration fee will be $300 (1st grade- $200) and does not include the uniform. Players can register for US Lacrosse membership ($30) but it is optional. The registration fee covers our field rental expenses, lacrosse equipment including goals and balls, league fees, AYL Championship entry fee, officials’ charges, coaching and educational expenditures, and administrative costs. Uniforms for 2023 season are the same. Information regarding uniforms (if needed) will be give to you by your coach and posted on our website when available.

Are registration fees refundable?

If your player is not able to participate on a Hawks lacrosse team prior to being placed on a roster, your registration fee, less a $20 administrative fee, is refundable.  This happens prior to the start of the season. Once being placed on a roster, 50% of your registration fee, less the $20 administrative fee is refundable.  Once regular season has begun, no refunds will be issued.  Refunds may be issued by check and could take 4 weeks to process and be mailed.

 Are players required to have US Lacrosse membership?

Membership in US Lacrosse is optional, US Lacrosse provides our sport with important safety research, rules guidelines, and coaching development programs.

Most off-season lacrosse tournaments, camps and clinics by other providers require US Lacrosse membership as well, so you will save money in the future.

If you want to purchase or renew US Lacrosse membership, you can visit: www.uslacrosse.org to sign up your son.  If you have issues with the US Lacrosse membership process, email US Lacrosse.

How do I request a specific coach/teammate?

You may request a specific coach and/or teammate(s) during registration.  Although we try to honor coach and teammate requests as best we can, they cannot be guaranteed due to a wide variety of factors.  See information on how teams are formed below.

How are boys teams formed?

We form boys teams pursuant to our Team Formation Policy, which parents can review here.

How do we know what team our son is on, and when his practices are?

Team rosters, practice schedules, and locations will be emailed to parents by their coach.  Practices will begin in late February.

Coaches will email their teams as soon as possible after receiving their rosters.

What equipment do players need?

Boys must have a boy’s lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder and elbow pads, a cup, and a mouth guard.  Used equipment in good condition is perfectly acceptable for players. We recommend that you bring brand new stick heads to an experienced stringer for a preseason stringing, to ensure that the stick is throwing properly.  A poorly strung stick results in significantly diminished performance on the field and major player frustration.

Should I purchase any specific brand of stick or equipment?

Hawks Lacrosse does not endorse any specific brand of stick or equipment.  We encourage, but do not require, parents to purchase white helmets so that teams have a “uniform” appearance on the field. 

I still have a question-- who should I contact?

Your first point of contact with questions should be your player’s coach.

For questions about the Hawks boys program, please email   or admin@parkerhawks.org