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Coastal League U10 Jamboree @ Duxbury - June 8, 2013
Key Information - And Lots of It!

Each June, the Duxbury U-10 teams hosts the Under 10 Soccer Jamboree for the Coastal Soccer League.   For those who have never participated it is a terrifically fun and exciting event with approximately 115 boys and girls soccer teams coming to Duxbury for a day of soccer games.  All of the U10 teams will be here and every U10 team will play in three short but intense games over a 3 hour period.  

Click here to see a YouTube Video of participants in 2008's Jamboree!

Follow the links below for more info.

Everyone should read this one:   Jamboree Information For ALL Participants

Jamboree Information For Volunteers

Jamboree Information For Referees

Jamboree Game Schedule

Jamboree Referee Assignment Schedule


A Note re: Jamboree and Weather!

Duxbury Youth Soccer is looking forward to hosting this year's Coastal League U10 Soccer Jamboree.  This is a once-yearly event and is a fun event for all of our U10 players.

Because it cannot be rescheduled, every attempt will be made to play all of the games as scheduled, even with some rain in the forecast.  

The good news is the fields at Chandler School in Duxbury drain very well, so will remain playable even in showery conditions.

But, even our best Coastal League officials cannot fully control the weather.  In the event that inclement weather affects the game schedule, a notice will be placed on www.duxburyyouthsoccer.org as soon as possible prior to the games if any cancellations are necessary.

If severe weather conditions arise during the day, individuals games may/will be canceled at the field at the discretion of Jamboree officials.  (This may mean that a game could be cancelled while families are on the way to the field, a situation that we will try to avoid as best we can.)

Thank you, and the Jamboree team looks forward to seeing all of you at the fields on Sat 6/8/2013.