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Fall Clinics:  Grades 4-8

As part of the Matrix "Next Level" Training Series, the Matrix held the following program offerings during the Fall 2011 session:

Program Name Shorthand
Days Dates Description
Matrix Training Day Matrix Training Day 1 Sept 10 One day skills clinic led by Mandy Ronay of Evolution Basketball.  Four 2-hour sessions by grade for Grades 5-8.  Cost is FREE.
Matrix Fall Team Camp Matrix FTC 2 Sundays
1 Weeknight

Sept 18-25 A two-hour all-around skills clinic on two Sundays and one weeknight to help players improve their game and prepare for Fall tryouts. 

The clinic is designed for players that plan to compete at the County (FCYBL) or AAU level of play.  The cost is TBD.  Exact times and dates are TBD.   
9th Annual Matrix Pre-Tryouts Clinics Pre-Tryouts Clinics 2 Weekdays Sept
Two nights of 90 minute skills and scrimmaging to help players prepare for County/Select tryouts.  Cost is FREE.  Dates TBD. 


Last Update:  September 9, 2011.