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2018 Volleyball Rules


*These rules apply toward coaches, players, and spectators*


  • Food/Drinks: There are no carry-ins allowed

-       This includes coolers and any other food

-       Our Sports Pub and Grill has a full concession stand to purchase food/beverage items

-        No gum is allowed in the gymnasium

-        Please clean up after yourself (Team Benches/Spectator Bleachers/Concession Area)

  • Sportsmanship:

-       A spirit of sportsmanship and fair play should be exhibited by coaches, players, and spectators at all times

-       Referees’ and linemen’s decisions are final and should not be subject to discussion from the bench or bleachers

-       Allow the girls and boys to have a fun learning experience

  • *Player Eligibility:

The WYVL is a High School based program.  All players must reside in / and or are currently attending the school district associated with the youth volleyball program you want to play for.  This will cut down on the recruiting of players outside the school district.


·         The team listed first on the schedule will be considered the home team

-       The home team calls the toss when determining service/side

-       The away team calls the second flip when a third game is played

Score Keeper/Line Judge

·         Each team must provide (two) qualified volunteers who must be of 15 years of age or older for each match played

           -     First volunteer will be at the table: (Book or Score Board)

           -     Second volunteer will be a line judge


**Records of games played and scores should be recorded on the league sheets provided in the binder at the scorekeepers table


PLEASE leave all score sheets in the binder so your team’s win/loss record can be retrieved

  • For safety reasons, players absolutely may not wear any jewelry during warm-ups or competition; (Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Bobby Pins) (if earrings cannot be removed players will then need to put tape over them)
  • The height of the volleyball net will be: 5th/6th grade girls and boys = 7’0’’ & 7th/8th = 7’4-1/8’’
  • A volley-lite ball will be used for 5th and 6th grade girls and boys only
  • *Match play will consist of 2 out of 3 games.  The 3rd game will be played if the match starts on time.  If the match does not start on time you will play the best of 3 games.  The 3rd game results will be used in the case of ties at the end of the season.

-       (2) games to 25 and (1) game to 15

-       All rally scoring; Must win by two points; No cap

-       No switching of sides half way through during game three


-       Warm-ups:

           -    All teams must provide their own volleyballs

-       Teams are allowed a ten minute warm-up period before their first match If both teams have already played their first match of the day, then the warm up time will be reduced to 5 minutes.  (This will be the case ONLY if both teams have already played a match.)  This change is being made in an effort to keep games moving and stay on time.

-       Teams will NOT be permitted to warm up by hitting balls on the sidelines!  This is a safety issue and if a ball accidentally hits a player or spectator USAV does not cover the injury.  Balls accidentally going onto a court also slow play.

-       Format:

-       (Away) team will have three minutes on the entire court for hitting while (home) team is off

-       (Home) team will have three minutes on the entire court for hitting while (away) team is off

-       Both teams will share two minutes for serving

-       Last two minutes will consist of shagging up the balls and coach prep time


-     A starting line-up may consist of as few as four players 

     -    A libero may not be one of these players

     -    Players arriving late must rotate into the serve

-                      A team that is not on the floor ready to play ten minutes after the scheduled start of the game forfeits                    the match

-                      A libero may be used at all levels and may serve for one player

  • Libero

A Libero shall not:

·         Complete an attack from anywhere if, at the moment of contact, the ball is entirely above the height of the net;

·         Set the ball using overhand finger action while on or in front of the attack line extended, resulting in a completed attack above the height of the net;

·         Block or attempt to block;

·         Rotate to the front row

  • A player may serve from anywhere behind the end line between the sideline extensions
  • “Let serves” are legal; A served ball that contacts the net is playable

·         A Back-Row player (on or in front of the attack line), cannot contact the ball completely above the height of the net and complete an attack

·         Setting or overhand passing a serve is allowed as long as it is not a lift for all levels

·         A double hit is allowed on any first team contact

·         A player may play the ball with any part of their body

·         A player may not block or spike a served ball

·         Net Fault

-       A net fault occurs while the ball is in play and:

-       A player contacts any part of the net including net cables or net antennas.  It is not a fault when a player’s loose hair touches the net, or the force of a ball hit by an opponent pushes the net or net cables into the player.

·         Center Line

-       A player may touch the floor across the center line with one or both feet/hands provided a part of the foot/feet or hand(s) remains on or above the center line.  Contacting the floor across the center line with any other part of the body is illegal.

-       A player may cross the extension of the center line outside the court at any time provided he/she does not interfere with play by the opposing team.


-       Twelve substitutions are the maximum permitted per team per set for all three games

-       (1) pair of players after another/only (1) pair of substitutes in the substitution zone at a time

-       Only the Head Coach may stand during a game along the sideline, 6 feet back from the sideline, and up to the 10 foot line

-       Only the Head Coach and Team Captain may call for time-outs

-       Two time-outs per game; Carrying over time-outs between games will not take place



-       5th and 6th B Only:

-       The serving line will be moved up six feet to allow all servers to get the ball over the net and enjoy success-Players can choose to serve from the baseline

           -    Any player may not serve more than three times in a row

-       After three serves, team must rotate to new server on the same team

-    Players will receive two attempts to toss prior to serving each point.  Ball may not be         caught, must drop to floor.


-       6A, 6th grade Boys, 7th and 8th Grade:

-    Players will receive two attempts to toss prior to serving each point.  Ball may not be caught, must drop to floor


-       Incidental contact with the net when not making the play on the ball is not a fault   


Comments and questions should be directed toward:

Tom Jurczyk