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To all Hingham Lacrosse Familes:

The Boosters need your help. . .

The Hingham Lacrosse Program book is an extensive effort and requires multiple hands to make it happen.  Letters have been mailed to local patrons asking for their support.   We are asking each of our families to take an active role in helping us to follow up with these businesses.  As history proves, a personal approach with the follow up has always proved the most successful. 

Attached, please find a copy of the spreadsheet listing the patrons that will receive our appeal within a day or two.  We ask each of you to review the list and select a few to contact within the next week or so.  Please email with the names you have chosen to contact so that we do not have any overlap. 

As well, please feel free to contact any businesses not listed or friends and family that you feel may lend us their support. Copies of the letter and advertisement rate sheet are attached.

Packets went home with the boys last week with a copy of the letter and rate sheet for those who would like to take out a personal ad.  It is a great way to support your son and their team, and it is a lot of fun to read and share when the final product is complete.  Maryellen Jones, our program book designer, is a very talented graphic artist and is more than happy to help you to design your ad.  Feel free to email Maryellen for suggestions at or call her at 781.740.2687.
The return date for the advertisements is April 16, 2010.  The earlier we get them in, the sooner we are able to enjoy a great program book.  

A gentle reminder. . . Included in the packet was the Hingham Lacrosse Dues notice.  Thank you to those who have mailed them in.  To those who have not, we would appreciate you doing so as soon as possible.  A copy of the Dues notice is attached. 

Following our very successful Jamboree weekend, let the games begin! 

Good luck to our teams this week. . . Go Harbormen!

Thank you.
MaryAnn and John Quinn            Christine and Steve Sypek    
781.749.0502                               781.740.0537