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All coaches in the Lakeville South Football Association must submit to a background screening check. LSFA takes the safety of our children very seriously and you will not be allowed to coach if you have been convicted of crimes of a serious nature or display a consistent pattern of criminal behavior.

For coaches that have been selected and approved by their LSFA level director, please go to the link below to fill out a short background screening approval form. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Please fill out this CONTACT INFORMATION in order to get contacted by our backround check provider.

If this is not accomplished by the official coaches for your team by Wednesday, August 18, you will not be allowed to conduct any further practices until it is completed.







On line "Adult Background Check" procedure is being used again by LSFA this year for the convenience of our coaches and the safety of our community's kids. As soon as we deploy it on or around July 1 for coaches that have been selected to coach, we will send an email with directions to the individuals that we have selected as coaches.   

LSFA's process allows each selected adult coach to go online to a secure website and fill out the necessary information. LFA is excited about this program and very proud to be one of the few state associations taking the lead on providing its youth and adults with such a comprehensive program aimed at protecting many of those involved in youth football in Minnesota.



Purpose: To protect and provide a safe and healthful environment to the players participating in LSFA’s programs.

Background: As awareness increases about the risks associated with individuals working with children who abuse their authority by committing sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse, there is a need to provide a means of protection.

Position Statement:  LSFA shall not knowingly permit any person convicted of a crime against persons or a crime of violence, to become or remain in any volunteer position for the organization. If background checks reveal convictions of any such crimes within the past 15 years from the date of application, the person’s application shall be rejected or s/he will be dismissed from any position s/he holds in the organization. Any convictions occurring more than 15 years ago may be considered by the Back Ground Check Panel of 3 directors in the determining of the applicant’s suitability for the position, but will not automatically disqualify the application.

Applicability: The policy applies to any of the following that have regular contact with players:

a.        Coaches and assistant coaches

b.        Directors on the LSFA Board of Directors, who serve as coaches or assistant coaches

Responsibilities: Note: The LSFA Board of Directors has identified a Background Check Panel of three directors to assist and advise LFA in this endeavor.

1.        The Background Check Panel of three directors will:

a.        Ensure that all affected volunteers comply with this policy.

b.        Advise LFA Board of Directors on modifications, additions, and enforcement of guidelines and policies.

c.        Contract with a reliable agency to perform background checks on persons designated by this policy.

d.        Determine if a person should be excluded from participation or involvement in LSFA programs, based on the information received through the background checks.

e.        Notify applicants or existing members of their rejection or expulsion. Offer the applicant the opportunity to withdraw their name from coaching consideration.

f.         Periodically review and update this policy as needed.

g.        Maintain confidentiality of all results of background checks.


1.        A portion of the registration fees covers the expense of an external vendor performing the background checks.

2.        Information gathering:

a.        Volunteers must complete the LSFA Coaching Application, which has an acknowledgment of consent, upon initial appointment and every year thereafter.

b.        Background checks will be conducted under the auspices of the Background Check Panel of three directors. 

c.        Around the beginning of July each year, an email with a link, user id, password and directions will be sent to prospective coaches, so that they can complete the process in the privacy of their own home or business.

d.        All information provided to the Background Check Panel of three directors is to be held in strictest confidentiality.

3.        Notification:

a.        A director of the Background Check Panel of three directors will notify applicants or existing members, if the Background Check Panel of three directors determines that a person should be excluded from participation in LSFA programs, along with a request for a resignation, if the person is an existing coach.

4.        Failure to Comply:

a.        If an applicant or existing volunteer refuses to provide information for or sign a LSFA Coaching Application, they will automatically be excluded from further participation in the organization.