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Coach Procedures/Responsibilities



Before The Season:

·          Register your kids early!

·          Indicate clearly during the registration process that you will coach

At Start of Season:

·          Attend Coach Orientation sessions to understand coaching approach (and any changes to the program since you last coached)

·          Fill out and send in the CORI form (can be completed online; see instructions on www.duxburyyouthsoccer.org).

·          Head coaches -- contact players on your roster ASAP (Feel free to split this with your assistants.)

·          Call them!  …even if only to validate that they actually use email. Don’t assume because you have an email address for them that it is actively used.

·          Remind them of game times. Remind them that ther full schedule is on the DYSA website.

·          Inform them of the field number they will be playing on each week (for U6, Team # = Field # - very simple! ).

·          Notify parents that shin guards fully covered by socks  are mandatory for all games/clinics.  Cleats are optional but recommended.

·          Notify parents of key points - no dropoffs; no dangerous activities within soccer field complex (refer to Info for Minisoccer Parents on www.duxburyyouthsoccer.org)

·          Coaches must read and be familiar with the Coastal League Zero Tolerance Policy governing player, coach, and parent behavior.

·          Pick up your team's equipment at the field on the day of the first game.  Arrive early; bring an air pump to inflate the balls

Each Week:

·          All U6 coaches are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of each Sunday game. 

·          Each U6 coach will be responsible for putting up the two nets on their field. 

·          Although Minisoccer does not use the larger goals during our games, they pose the same risk to our players and spectators.  All coaches and parents need to ensure the ongoing safety of our young players by checking that the larger goals around our fields are fully secure, per instructions below, BEFORE play begins.

Once again, each and every one of us and especially the coaches must monitor the goals at the practice fields to insure they are safe.  The ultimate responsibility for field safety is on the referees for the games; and coaches for practice sessions.  The goals are moved by many different people during the course of the week and  we need to make sure they are safe when (ever)  we use the fields. 

·          All coaches should focus on fun and learning.  We intentionally do not keep score at this age.

·          Know the Minisoccer Curriculum -- and have a plan for each week - what are your coaching objectives this week? What progressions will you emphasize to advance from prior weeks?

·          U6 coaches will need to breakdown their fields after the U6 session, in preparation for the remainder of the days' schedule. 

·          Please address dangerous  situations around your field.  Unleashed/uncurbed dogs, lacrosse, baseballs, footballs being thrown in field areas,  kids climbing on goalposts/nets, etc. should be addressed immediately.  Lacrosse, baseball, football players must all move over to the baseball field if they want to continue play.

·          In the event of injury during a game, please notify the Minsoccer coordinators who will have first aid kit if needed.

·          WALKUPS -- We no longer are able to register families who "walk up" on game day.  Please discourage this practice.  Online registration makes it possible for us to assign players to a team quickly even if they register as late as two days prior to a game.

Cancellations (Inclement Weather, EEE, etc.):

·          In the case of inclement weather, games will be cancelled by 12 noon of the morning of the game.

·          Cancellation notice will be posted on www.duxburyyouthsoccer.org by 12 noon on game day.  If no cancellation note is posted, the games will be played.

Field Evacuations…We All Need To Be Ready Just In Case!

·          On occasion, even the best weather forecast is wrong.  Although we will cancel in advance if the event of thunder or lightning, we need to be prepared to leave the field quickly if electrical storms or other dangerous conditions arise during the games.  The Coppens field complex has little to no adequate shelter when this occurs.

·          As a parent, you must remain at the field for the Minisoccer hour.  When dangerous weather approaches, a series of multiple whistle blasts is the signal to begin the field evacuation process.  When this signal is sounded, the following steps will occur:

1)     All play must halt immediately. 

2)     Each head coach will gather their team in the center of their respective field.

3)     Parents should retrieve their players by approaching the coach, making eye contact and taking their child by the hand and escorting them off the field, directly to vehicles.  During emergency evacuation, under no circumstances will coaches permit a child to run away unaccompanied from the team to a parent.

4)     Any children not retrieved by parents will remain the responsibility of the head coach.

5)     If necessary, a second series of multiple whistle blasts will signal coaches to move any remaining children to the safety of their vehicle.  Although we will attempt to allow all parents to retrieve their children prior to this, there will be a point when safety mandates that all remaining persons from the field immediately.


·          Regarding Equipment:  We care about our Minisoccer equipment, but we stop caring about it immediately when danger arises.  In the event of a field evacuation:

a)     All goals and corner cones should be left where they are.  We will have adequate time to break down the fields after the danger has passed. 

b)     Although game equipment is a secondary concern, assistant coaches can pack their team's game balls, cones, pinneys, etc. only if time permits and safety permits.  Leave them if danger is imminent. You can always return later!


At End of Season:

·          Coaches need to return all equipment upon the completion of the season to the shack.



Thanks for coaching!