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7:00-8:30      Group Skating Lessons/Open Practice     

     7:45-8:30      Men's House League Clinic

8:30-9:00       Ice Maintenance

9:00 -10:15     Women's Hockey
10:30-11:30    General Skating (no partition)

11:30-12:30    NCCS 

12:30-12:45   ZAMBONI

12:45-2:45     General Skating (no partition)

2:45-3:00       ZAMBONI

3:00-4:00       NCCS
4:00-4:10       ZAMBONI

4:10-5:30       General Skating (open partition)

5:30-5:40       ZAMBONI


6:50-7:50       Senior House League

7:50-8:00       ZAMBONI

8:00-10:30     General Skating (partition as below)
     8:00-8:30        Travel Mites and Travel Squirts, and all others up to and including Grade 5 

     8:30-10:30      Open Partition for all ages - Players are expected to be respectful of all fellow players and 

                            not put themselves or any other players in harms way.