What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Information for Recreational Soccer Coaches


 WYSC Mandatory Coaches Meeting


WYSC has exciting news and information, including new rules, to announce for the up coming Spring 2017 Recreation Soccer season. All coaches are required to attend. The meeting would be held on August 27th at 365 West Shirley, Warrenton VA, as follow. Meeting start at 5:00 and will be 60 minutes.

 WYSC Coaching Requirements


WYSC requires that all new coaches take the F License course.  This two hour online course can be done at your convenience.  The cost of the course is $25 - WYSC will reimburse 100% of the cost upon course completion and after coaching one complete season with WYSC.

WYSC also strongly encourages all coaches to also complete a F.U.N Module to complement the material covered in the F License course.  For more information on these F.U.N. Modules.............{here}

WYSC is currently hosting a E License course on March 24th-26th (Sycamore Room - Fauquier Hospital):

How to Register for a 2017 E License Course - in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC)

Beginning Jan. 1, 2017, all VYSA E and D license courses must be run through the US Soccer Digital Coaching CenterIn order to register for a course, you must first take the online F course (if you haven’t already). To create your account, go to http://dcc.ussoccer.com and click “sign up”. You’ll then be able to take the online  F course.  If you already have an account, click “Log On”. Once you have your account set up, click on “Courses”, “License”, and “State”, choosing the appropriate answers for each. Click on the arrow for details for the particular course you have chosen. Then click “Proceed to Registration” and “Proceed to Payment”. You will be taken to the “My Courses” page. Click “Go to Classroom” for your course assignments.


*****Coaches before every practice, training activity and game please inspect to make sure all goal posts and nets for safety, that they are properly anchored and secured, and the field and areas around the field that is being used***** 

1. Team assignment/required forms
2. Reporting game scores
3. Coaching responsibilities and requirements
4. Coaches’ training requirements
5. How to find your team roster
6. How to email your team
Help Video for coaches


Team Assignments / Required Forms [ Top ]

Warrenton Youth Sports Club's recreational soccer committee will follow the criteria listed below when assigning coaches to teams:

1. Coaches with appropriate age group certification. Below you can find additional information about how to get certified through Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) and US Soccer. This will be enforced mainly for U8 division and above. 

2. Submission of Coaches Code of Conduct form. [HERE] - Coaches registered as a volunteer in our registration section of the web site by the end of early registration deadline. 

WYSC will grant field practice time at Athey using the following criteria:

  • Licensed coaches
  • Returning coaches
  • Order in which individual registers himself to coach  

Reporting Game Scores [ Top ]

The coach of each winning team will be responsible for entering the game score each weekend.  Below are the instructions for doing this:

Go to
www.wysc.org home page
Go to log in at the top right and enter your name and your coach's password.
At the top of your screen click on Teams and then select your team number.
Click on Results.
Basic Responsibilities:

All of WYSC’s coaches are volunteers and will undergo a background check through VYSA upon registration as a coach.

You only need to dedicate about two hours a week. One hour for practice and one hour for games.  If field space allows, coaches will be given the option to hold a second weekly practice. ***U6 Division teams will have a one hour Academy practice each week run by a professional trainer and assisted by each team's coach.  U6 coaches may then hold a second weekly practice with just their own team - this is optional and not mandatory.

Specify your preferred field and practice day when registering as a coach. This request is not guaranteed (it will depend on field availability). 

At least two weeks before practices start, contact your players. Introduce yourself and explain to your parents when and where practices will be held. Please include what children should bring to practices and games and any other expectations you may have.

Each season, there will be a mandatory meeting for all coaches. This meeting will cover a wide range of issues pertinent to coaching and managing your team.  The meeting will take place the Sunday before practices are set to begin.  New coaches will receive practice equipment at that time.

Ask for someone to volunteer as a “team parent” to organize snacks and keep communication lines open if you feel this is necessary.

Hold practice each week and attend weekend games during the 8 week season.  Practices begin 3 weeks before the first games.  The last weekend of the season will be our End-of-Season Tournament.  This tournament is for teams in our U8 and older divisions.  Teams will play 2 games on Saturday and 1 game on Sunday.  Championship games in each division will be played on Sunday afternoon.

Coach your squad to the best of your ability, calling on your reserves of knowledge and patience. Make practices fun, make them productive. And don’t forget your sense of humor!

Be a good sport and help your players grow in their abilities, emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship.

At no time should a coach be alone with a player.  If a player is waiting to be picked up, ask another parent to stay with you while you wait with that child.

Coaches are to have no private contact with players via social media, email or text messaging.  Parents of players should always be included on ALL communication between coach and player(s).

After every game, winning coaches will enter their score on the website.

***All-Star Coaches***

WYSC will hold All-Star Team tryouts for our U8 through U16 age divisions each fall and spring on the fourth week of the regular season.  

Volunteer coaches are needed each season to coach these All-Star Teams.  Those interested in coaching an All-Star Team should contact the Recreational Soccer Coordinator.

WYSC attends the Herndon All-Star Cup Tournament each fall (held in mid-November) and our own Shenandoah All-Star Tournament each spring.

WYSC will invite all players U8 and above to attend the All-Star Tryouts.  However, to ensure that we have good attendance at these tryouts, All-Star coaches are also asked to help in the recruiting of players for their All-Star Team.  Suggested ways to recruit players include:

  • contact other regular season coaches in your age division and ask them to encourage their players to attend the tryouts.  
  • ask those same coaches to provide you with the names of players from their team that they feel would be an asset to the All-Star Team.  WYSC's Recreational Soccer Coordinator will be glad to contact those players on your behalf.
  • Watch other games in your age division to scout players.  All-Star coaches can ask the Recreational Soccer Coordinator to contact those players on your behalf and invite them to the All-Star Tryouts.

All-Star Coaches run their own tryouts and choose their own players to create their Team Roster.  All-Star Coaches must then turn in the names of the players chosen so WYSC can invite those players to participate on the All-Star Team.

All-Star Coaches will to hold at least a one hour practice each week prior to the All-Star Tournament.  These practices will be held on either Monday evenings or Saturday afternoons.

All-Star Coaches will communicate all relevant tournament information to their All-Star Team - including location and times of games.

WYSC will create player cards and official team rosters for Tournament Registration.  All-Star Coaches will collect medical release forms from all players to be used for the Tournament Registration.

WYSC will register all teams for the tournament and pay all registration fees.  All-Star Coaches are responsible for checking in their All-Star Team at either early/online check-in or at the field prior to their first tournament game.

Coaches’ Training Requirements: [ Top ]

Coaching a recreational team does not require previous soccer experience. Warrenton Youth Sports Club is dedicated to providing volunteer coaches the soccer training required to coach a recreational team.

In an attempt to better prepare all volunteer coaches, WYSC requires all volunteer coaches to attend age-appropriate soccer certification clinics.

The entry level clinic F License course is a 2 hour online course.  The cost is $25.  To register for the course go to vysa.com.

Coaches who need to attend a clinic can find a list of all currently available clinics at the VYSA website or contact WYSC directly by 

or by phone at (540) 905-1217.

WYSC will pay the full cost of all coaching clinics attended by WYSC’s coaches.

For description of the different clinics, please, click the following links:


Finding Team Roster [ Top ]

Here's How You Email Your Team[ Top ]

  From team roster page select "Send Mail"


Help Video for coaches  [ Top ]

We've added a new video that will show managers how to use the different features that are available to them on the site. You can use this video to provide instruction to new managers and help existing managers utilize all of the features that you make available to them through the site. The video can be found on YouTube here: http://youtu.be/kokdA2RKu7Y