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JV Orange Schedule*
Family Of... Orange Date
Alison Argiro  3/31/10
 Kristin Burke 4/5/10
Emma Burr  4/7/10
Maddie Butler  4/10/10
Zoe Cataldo  4/12/10
Lindsay Constantine  4/13/10
 Kaitlyn Doherty 4/15/10
 Elizabeth Durand 4/26/10
Maggie Watson  4/30/10
Sam Hagstrom  5/4/10
 Alyssa Hill 5/7/10
Meredith Kelly  5/10/10
Julia Leahy  5/12/10
Sally Long  5/18/10
Grace Mason  5/20/10
Sarah McKenzie  5/24/10
Mackenzie O'Connell  5/26/10

 *10-12 oranges quartered is sufficient

JV Sandwich Schedule
Family Of... Date Sandwiches Healthy Snacks Water
Olivia Shea   4/7/10 X    
Julia Spruiell  4/7/10  X    
Claire VanStrien  4/7/10    X  
Maggie Watson  4/7/10      X
Alison Argiro 4/30/10  X    
Kristin Burke 4/30/10  X    
 Emma Burr 4/30/10    X  
Maddy Butler    4/30/10     X

Sandwiches: 12 dry (no mayo or must.) turkey and cheese on bulkie rolls
(1 1/2 lb turkey, 1lb cheese should be plenty)
Healthy snacks: fruit, granola bars, fruit snacks 
Water: one 24 pack

**If you are unable to provide oranges or sandwiches on your assigned day,  please make sure you make arrangements with another teammate.  The girls really depend on these.  Thanks.**