The objective of the Avon Little League is to instill in our children the concept of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team spirit and respect for authority so that they may become good citizens who contribute to improving our society.

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Tournament Selection Process for Managers and Coaches

Each year prospective all star managers and all star coaches shall notify the All Star Committee (Committee) in writing prior to May 15th of their desire to serve in that capacity.

The Committee shall identify from among those persons making known their desire to manage or coach a Williamsport all star team those managers and coaches believed to be the best qualified based upon experience, knowledge of baseball and temperament. It is the policy of Avon Little League (ALL) that, in all star play, it is the objective of ALL to win each game and to advance in the tournament as far as possible. The Committee shall give substantial weight to its evaluation of those candidates most likely to successfully fulfill that objective. The Committee shall also give substantial weight to the performance and conduct of candidates as managers and coaches in ALL. It is not a requirement for all star managers or coaches to have a relative on the all star team or in ALL. The Committee shall recommend to the Board of Directors for approval or disapproval of the identified managers and coaches. Should any recommended managers or coaches not be approved by the Board of Directors, the Committee will submit a substitute recommendation.
After announcement of the all star managers, coaches and rosters, those qualified managers and coaches desiring to enter teams in other non-Williamsport tournaments will make that known to the Major League Player Agent, together with proposed rosters of players available and desiring to play. Contingent upon the availability of ALL resources to sponsor teams, the Major League Player Agent will determine whether each requested team will be sponsored, and will approve or disapprove all proposed managers, coaches and players.