The objective of the Avon Little League is to instill in our children the concept of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, team spirit and respect for authority so that they may become good citizens who contribute to improving our society.

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Selection of Regular Season Managers and Coaches

Avon Little League (ALL) will post sign up sheets to solicit prospective regular season managers and coaches at registration. Each league coordinator will be given the list of persons volunteering to be managers and coaches in the respective leagues. The League Coordinator will determine from an evaluation of the registration results the number of teams to be fielded in each league. Each league coordinator will select from among the volunteers signing up at registration, or through the on-line registration process, or otherwise volunteering prior to registration, one manager for each team to be fielded in each league. It is not required that proposed managers be related to Avon Little League players (Players).

Each league coordinator will select those managers believed best suited by virtue of their experience and temperament to provide the best experience for all of the Players on a typical team roster.  It is the experience to be had by the Players, not the experience to be had by the managers that is paramount.  League coordinators shall give substantial weight to prior managerial and coaching experience, particularly in ALL and particularly in the league under consideration.  League coordinators shall also give substantial weight to knowledge of the skills and personalities of registered Players, knowledge of baseball, knowledge of Little League baseball, temperament, ability to interact appropriately with parents and other managers and coaches, and ability to communicate with and motivate children.  League coordinators shall also give weight to availability of managers during the season. 

Each league coordinator shall then confer with the President and with the Player Agent (Conferees).  If the President or Player Agent is a league coordinator, he shall designate another Board of Directors member as Conferee.  Those proposed managers receiving support from neither Conferee shall be replaced on the list by the league coordinator and another conference shall be held.  When all proposed managers have the support of at least one Conferee, they shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.


After the team rosters have been announced, each manager shall submit to the respective league coordinators a proposed list of coaches.  It is not required that proposed coaches be related to Players.  The league coordinators shall ask the managers to replace any proposed coaches they do not approve.  The league coordinators shall then submit the requested coaches to the Board of Directors for approval.

Per Little League policy, all managers and coaches (as well as other volunteer positions) will be required to pass a background check coordinated by the league's Safety Officer.