Play hard, play fair, have fun!
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Rules for Playing Short Field Games

- We try to play all players at once with a minimum lineup of 4 players and a maximum of 7 players, including a goalie. Lineups can be 1-2-1 (4 players), 1-3-1 (5 players), or 2-2-2 (6 players). We can go to 2-3-2 (7 players), if needed, but this tends to crowd the field too much.

- Players rotate positions after each goal or sufficient period of time has elapsed (5 minutes). Defense goes to Midfield, Midfield to Attack, and Attack to Defense. Goalies switch at half.  Defense and attack must stay on their half of the field and stay behind the restraining line on a faceoff until the ref calls possession.

- There is no checking, although players can apply equal resistance.

- Games are instructional. Referees are encouraged to stop the game at any point to instruct players on technique and positioning. Game resumes with a face-off or loose ball.

- Players don't leave the field if they commit  a penalty. After explaining the infraction, the referee makes the player(s) in violation do 5 push ups and gives the ball to the other team.

- Teams must field a goalie. Goalies must wear chest protector and a cup or padded pants.

- Game times are 25 minute running halves with 5 minute intermission. All games will start and end at the same time with a horn from the main desk.

- A team must make one complete pass on the offensive side of the field before they can shoot. (Catches on the defensive side of the field don't count.) A complete pass is one where the player catches the ball cleanly, catches it on one bounce, or bobbles the catch and picks up the ball cleanly before another defender approaches. Once a catch is made, the team can shoot at any time, even if the ball drops on the ground, unless the opposing team picks up the ball cleanly and cradles it or the ball is deflected past the midline or it goes out of bounds.

- The ref is the ultimate arbiter of whether a ball is caught and a player is eligible to shoot. Refs must make it abundantly clear through constant and loud communication whether a player can shoot or must pass. Refs can decide to adopt a 2-pass rule if they feel it's appropriate.

- Each team must have a coach and a statistician. The statistician must take attendance and describe action on the field, mentioning something unique about each player: goals, assists, defensive plays, etc.