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How do I get an invitation to be on a CRABS team?

Fill out a player information form(located on Home page in Online forms) and press submit. We will get in touch with you about a tryout or an invitation. The vast majority of our players were selected based on their performance at a tryout. We are looking for players who want to play hard and have mastered most of the fundamental aspects of the game. Our focus is lacrosse "IQ" development.

We are looking for players and families that want a complete lacrosse experience. Players that "get it", who play hard for themselves and hard for their teammates and shine because of it. Players who are coachable and know that they do not know it all yet and are willing to try and "tweak" their game. We WANT players from all over Maryland in our club! Playing with new guys and for new coaches; hearing and seeing "different lacrosse" will help you grow as an athlete and student of the game!

Does my son have to be in a private school to be considered?

No. We are looking for the best players who have a real commitment to improving. Our teams typically feature a blend of student athletes from the greater metro region. One of the best parts about being on a "club" team is meeting and competing with guys who will be on the "other" team during the spring. We have seen many life long friendships between players and between the players parents develop! We want the best players we can get! Doesn't matter if you are from Glen Burnie High School or Gilman - If you got what it takes Bring it on!

Who will be coaching my son?

This is the most important question! The reason we field such a limited number of teams is because we are commited to providing the best coaching possible. Our coaches have years of experiance coaching at all levels of lacrosse. We do not use Pro players or dads with no real coaching experience. Good current and past players with good intentions don't always make good coaches. There is an intangible about having worked with kids for years that can not be replicated. You are paying for coaching, make sure you are getting it! Each team typically has 3 to 4 coaches! See the "Contact Us" toggle for a list of our coaches.

What is your home facility?

We are very lucky to have a great relationship with the Boys' Latin School. We have the use of the turf fields for practice and clinics and tournaments during the late spring and summer.

How much does it cost to play for the CRABS?

We do not run the club to make a profit. Last years players paid between 800 and 1200 dollars depending on the team for the summer season. These monies covered all tournament fees, uniforms, equipment, facility rental, practice and site insurance, coaching stipends, advertising, and internet site costs. It basically works out that 300 per player goes to cover club expenses with the balance paid out to tournament providers.

When are the 2014/15 tryouts?

We will be evaluating players starting this summer. If you see a Crabs coach and want to ask questions about our club - Please do! Please fill out a player info form if you want to be considered for a summer 2014/15 spot! Further information will be emailed to those players.

If I make a CRABS team do I have to play with you forever?

NO! If you want to join a different club after a summer season you will not be hassled by our club. Also, just because you played with us in the past that does not guarantee your spot in the future. With open tryouts every boy faces the possibility that on a given year someone better shows up. You have to get better every year. Also the club reserves the right to part ways with players because it is deemed that they or their parents disrupt the well being of the team and or the overall program. Open tryouts occur every year.

Do I need to be on a CLUB team to get recruited?

NO! College coaches are working very hard to find the players that fit what they need in their respective programs. If you are a good player they will find you. If you have a few schools that you want to check out, let the coach know about your interest. They will investigate you as a player and as a person and let you know if you are a fit for their school and their program. A polite note from you to the coach can go a long way.

However, the summer tournament scene can be a lot of fun! It is a great way to get evaluated and noticed by different coaches. 

What age does the Crabs club team start?

In 2014/2015 we will field a 5th grade and a 6th grade team.


Why should I play for the BLC Crabs versus all the other teams "out there":


Because we are about quality and not quantity. We are lucky to attract a diverse group of boys from all over Maryland who believe in themselves enough to try and earn a spot with our club. If you speak to our players or their parents you will hear we don't have politics. We keep the best players and everyone plays. We are not diluted by all the new club teams out there. Because YOU want to compete NATIONALLY against the best teams in the country and have a real shot to beat those teams! 

Because we aren't going to feed you/your parents a bunch of "marketing" to get you to sign up on one of our teams. Most of our players plan on doing the work required to be a Division I lacrosse player! This is a club run by lacrosse people for serious players who want to play with other serious lacrosse players. You might make our team and be the only player from your school or even county on the squad. Our players come from as far away as Parkside High School near Ocean City, Md and Dematha in Hyattsville, Md near DC to play.

Because we are going to put you in the "right" tournaments that college coaches have told us they respect. And because you play for a club with 1 team per age group, college coaches are going to know how to find you easily when they want a 2nd or 3rd look!

Because the reputation of our club for having quality players gets our teams extra attention at tournaments. Our coaches are known to be quick to respond to college coaches inquires about the players in our program. We have a good reputation for quality communication about our players to college coaches. Just ask a college coach!

Future Division I talent makes its home with the Crabs!