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 Kalaban Sports Club Practice
Former Matrix Coach Jaimie Bleck's Newest Team

Former Matrix Coach Jaimie Bleck
Takes her Studies and Basketball Coaching
To Mali on the African Continent

So while the Matrix isn't actually fielding teams in Africa, former Matrix coach Jaime Bleck has returned to Mali-Kalabancoura to continue her studies and is spending her spare team coaching a Girls' 14-16 team during her stay in Mali for the remainder of 2009.

Coach Jaimie coached the very first Matrix spring tournament team in 2005.  That team of current 8th grade players competed in AAU tournaments all spring and finished the season at a big tournaemnt in Syracuse.

Jaimie is in Mali conducting her dissertation research for all of 2009.  She has a Boren National Security Fellowship and is studying the politics of education provision.  She is a PhD candidate in the GOVT department at Cornell and hopes to complete her PhD by Summer 2011.  After that, we hope to get her back in the DC area and on the sidelines for the Matrix. 

To see what Coach Jaimie is doing in Mali, you can click here to check out her blog, that includes a current posting on her Kalaban Sports Club team.   

Want to be a Pen Pal with a Player from Mali?
Coach Jaimie's players love to get to know Americans as pen pals.  If your daughter is interested in being a pen pal (via e-mail) with a player from Mali, please contact Jaimie Bleck at .