The Avon Grove Wildcats website was established in 2000 to keep our parents, coaches, volunteers, community and fans informed on the growth and progress of our Football and Cheerleading programs.
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Avon Grove Wildcats Cheerleading


The Avon Grove Wildcats Cheerleading program welcomes children between the ages of 5 through 13. Here is a breakdown of age groups and squad placement:

                Flag Cheer Squad- 5 & 6 year olds by 7/31

​                Rookie Cheer Squad- 7 year olds by 7/31

                Sophomore Cheer Squad-  8 &9 year olds by 7/31

                Junior Cheer Squad- 10 & 11 year olds by 7/31 

                Senior Cheer Squad- 12-13 year olds by 7/31                                                                                  

Cheerleaders may not cheer on an “older” squad due to parent preferences, cheerleader preferences, sibling convenience, etc due to the rules provided by Bert Bell.  Competition squads are aged different and will be assigned by September 15th.  With your registration this year, a practice shirt is included. ​ Additional practice shirts will be available to purchase in the Cheer Spirit wear store by Kelly's when it opens. There will be a link below.


Coaching Staff:

The coaching staff is traditionally made up of adult coaches and teen coaches. All coaches must pass a background clearance and obtain a Bert Bell ID. ACCA certification will be provided for all adult coaches in September.  Teen coaches are typically prior Wildcats Cheerleaders who have experience as All-Star Cheerleaders or on the Avon Grove High School Cheerleading squad. To be considered for a teen coach position, you must be at least 15years of age.   If you are interested in being an adult coach or teen coach,



​Your Cheerleading Director is Katie Hoogerwerff. 


A significant amount of time needs to be committed to the cheerleading program. Our goal is not only to teach the game day cheers but also tumbling and stunt moves. Here is an understanding of the practice schedule:

The practice season will kick off Monday, July 29th. We will focus on cheer basics, tumbling, and stunting.


Practices will continue as follows:

Cheer Squads- 3 times per week during the month of August; 2 times per week after school begins.  Practices will be added as needed as we get closer to competition. Practice days are to be determined. 

The month of August is listed on our Facebook group: Avon Grove Cheerleading.  You will need to answer the questions to be approved.

Practice Location:

We will start at Harmony Park in West Grove for the Month of August. After Labor day we will move indoors.

Cheer practices will move to sites within the Avon Grove Schools, and possibly KX Athletics (21 Commerce Blvd, Suite 1, West Grove, PA 19390) so that we have use of stunting and tumbling mats. Parents are not permitted to stay and watch practices in these facilities. For that reason, all practices will be held at Harmony Park in the month of August. Parents are welcome to stay at the park location or drop off their child. We understand that this is a new experience for them.

​Practice expectations: 

​When cheerleaders attend practice they are required to come in their practice uniform. Any cheerleader not dressed properly will be asked to sit or if parent is present, you can take your child to change and return.   The uniform consists of maroon, gold, or black Soffee brand shorts, any AG or Plain t-shirt, no show white socks, and cheer sneakers.  Cheer sneakers are a must for stunting.  ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY CAN BE WORN.

Parent meetings

Parent meetings will be called by coaches as needed.


Game Schedule:

Wildcat football games will begin on Saturday, September 7th, 2019 and be held every Saturday, sometimes on a Sunday, throughout the season. The season will last through October and continue into November depending on how far the football teams advance in the playoffs. Our home field is Harmony Park in West Grove, but we travel for away games as close as Kennett Square and Oxford and as far away as Chichester and Marple Newtown.  Field directions will be available on this website, in our Facebook Group, and will be emailed to you the week of.



We will compete in the Bert Bell Cheerleading competition held on November 10th at Oxford High School. COMPETITION REGISTRATION CLOSES ON 8/31/19.  We are required to paricipate in Competition, as a club within the Bert Bell League.  Competition squads will be determined in September when the routines are being created according to the competition rules provided by Bert Bell. To be eligible to participate in the competition, a cheerleader may not miss more than 2 Wildcat football games. Competition squad placement can mirror the field cheer squads or girls can be placed on a squad based upon their age and qualifications. Coaches will consider ability, attitude, and attendance when creating competition squads. All eligible cheerleaders will be expected to participate at the competition and have paid the competition fee at registration. 

This year we are instituting a competition fee.  This is your and your cheerleaders commitment to the competitions. This fee will include the cost of the competition bow and materials for audience spirit-flare participation.  The fee will be paid electronically via the Avon Grove Wildcats website, and is due at time of registration.


Wildcat Season Activities:

In addition to the football games, the girls will have the option of participating in additional tumbling and stunt clinics. We have our own Homecoming activities, as well as Wildcat Night at AGHS. On Wildcat Night, the cheerleaders have the opportunity to cheer with the AGHS cheer squad and perform cheers and stunts on the track during a Friday night AGHS football home game. The season ends with an Awards Ceremony at the end of the season. All cheerleaders will receive recognition for their participation as a Wildcats Cheerleader. Additional recognition will be in the form of four special awards: the Jump Award, the Tumbling Award, the Cheer Award, and the Wildcat Award.



Uniforms are provided as part of the registration fee. Cheerleaders will need to purchase cheer sneakers and uniform accessories. A list of required items will be provided in an email mid-July. The cost of these items is usually under $75.  A link will be provided for the Varsity Cheer store.

Our welcome email will include all items you will need for practice and the best places to purchase them. It will include the link to our Varsity store for them items that will be purchased for your cheerleaders use under and with her issued uniform.

​A uniform contract will be signed at the time of issuance. We ask at the time of uniform issuance for a deposit in the amount of $200 (the cost to replace a uniform) with a post dated check (11/30/19).  This check will be returned to you when the uniform is returned.  ANY VIOLATION OF THE UNIFORM CONTRACT, OR DAMAGE TO THE UNIFORM WILL RESULT IN FORFIETURE OF YOUR DEPOSIT.  No Jewelry is to be worn during games or pracices for safety.  We cannot be responsible for lost or broken jewelry. 

Any Cheerleader who is not in full uniform on Game Day will not be checked in, and considered absent.



Wildcat registration will begin in May and continue through July 31st. After July 1st, a late fee is assessed.  If cheerleaders are new to our organization, they will need to show their original birth certificate or passport to get their photo ID. More information about the ID night and location will be provided at the start of the season. All cheerleaders EXCEPT Flag must obtain a Bert Bell photo ID. Cheerleaders MUST have a physical prior to the start of the first day of practice in August or they will not be allowed to practice. The physical may not be older than 6 months. Please find the form under the tab "FORMS".

As with any non-profit organization, volunteers are necessary for success. If you are interested in volunteering, there are many opportunities from team mom to field crew. Please let us know and we’ll find a good fit.

Any questions regarding the Wildcat Cheer Program should be directed to Katie Hoogerwerff at