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A Message From Mark Koenig
Subject: Spring 2006 Touranments
Hi Managers and Happy New Year.  With the changing of the calendars it is time to look ahead to the Spring season.  Aside from getting your players to winter sessions and your parents signed up to help volunteer at the WIN tournament, there is one other to do for you at present.  Lining up a spring tournament for your team.  This message will give you enough information to get started, and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I will do whatever I can to help:
Here's what you need to do to get your team into a Spring tournament:
  • Research tournament dates. 
  • Be aware that if you do an early spring tournament, you are potentially signing up for a lot of rescheduled games for the Spring.  With our April school vacation, many teams have to reschedule the games that fall on those dates (although this year one of them is Easter sunday so there will likely be no games scheduled). 
  • Talk to your team.  Find out if there are any availability issues that would rule out one weekend compared to others.  You don't want to apply for a tournament if for some reason everyone on your team is going to be unavailable.  But be smart, do not ask for date preferences as you will not be able to please everyone. 
  • Talk to your coach.  Find out if he or she has a preference as to doing a tournament at the beginning of the season, Memorial Day or the end of the season.  The final decision as to what tournament to apply for should be your coach's, taking into account player availability as noted above. 
  • Send in your application.  Most tournaments give early applicants a preference so the sooner the better.  Three months ahead of time is usually plenty, so if you want an early season tournament, I recommend you apply by the end of January.  Everyone should have decided and applied by the beginning of March.  Be sure to follow application instructions exactly. 
  • Request reimbursement for the tournament on your Spring cash requisition.  Tournament directors do not negotiate checks until teams are accepted into the the tournament and in some cases until the tournament itself has concluded.  If you request the spring cash timely, then you will have the funds available by the time the check is cashed.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
See you on the sidelines...