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One person is to do the clock, the other person is to do the book.  The person on the book also needs to keep track of shifts per player.  Clock people be right on top of stopping on whistles and starting on chops.  On free throws the clock does not start until a player on the floor touches the ball on a miss or on a made a player touches the ball on the floor after the throw in.  Clock runs after made baskets, it does not stop.

Scorers, below is the scoresheets you will be using.  The most left column has 8 shift boxes.  Check the box for the player and each shift.  Encourage the coaches to check with you at the end of the first half.

Before the last 5 minutes are played there will be an officials time out.  Have the coaches put their last 5 players on the floor.  Check off the shifts.   No player can have anymore than one more shift than any other player.  The only execption to this is if a player came late.  A player who comes late forfeits their equal playing time rights.  If a player gets injured it is encouraged to get them back on shifts played but that would be another exception.

After you have checked off the 5 final players, if all is good then the game resumes.

If a player has more than one less shift than everyone else they MUST play that final 5 minutes. 

Clock people help the scorer by calling out numbers to them on shift changes.