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8th Grade - Must not reach 15th birthday prior to September 1st8th About MetroWest League

What is MetroWest Basketball?

MetroWest (MW) is a program designed for those boys and girls in grades 5-8 who live in Wellesley (or are METCO students) and meet the age requirements (see below), and who are serious about playing competitive travel basketball.  **Now also including 4th graders in our pilot program**

Typically, a MW player will have 2 mandatory practices a week (8th grade players only practice once per week on Saturday evenings) and one game each Sunday, with away games played in communities potentially as close as Natick or as far away as Attleboro, Bridgewater, etc.  Regular season MW games will be played on Sundays beginning in early December, including mandatory games over February vacation, followed by playoffs in early March.  Some coaches may opt to have their teams participate in pre-season tournaments, typically held over Thanksgiving weekend.  For additional information about the MW league, refer to the MetroWest website at metrowestbball.com

League Goals

The goals of the MetroWest Basketball League are to:

  • Create an environment in which children and adults have fun with basketball
  • Teach basketball skills, rules and strategy to our players
  • Model and teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship
  • Promote increased self-esteem among our children and adults
With safety being of utmost concern to MetroWest, coordinators, coaches and referees should strive to avoid injury whenever possible



Boys and girls who are residents of Wellesley and currently enrolled in the  5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades are eligible to try out for MetroWest.  Additionally, students participating in the METCO program will be allowed to participate on a team from the town in which they attend school.  **now also including 4th graders for pilot program**

In order to participate on a town travel team a player must first meet the grade requirement; that is, the player must be in the grade associated with that team. 

Following are the Metrowest League age limits, by grade, for each season that starts in December.


8th Grade - Must not reach 15th birthday prior to September 1st

7th Grade - Must not reach 14th birthday prior to September 1st

6th Grade - Must not reach 13th birthday prior to September 1st

5th Grade - Must not reach 12th birthday prior to September 1st

4th Grade - Must not reach 11th birthday prior to September 1st

For more information please visit the MetroWest website at metrowestbball.com

Program Fees:

Approx 2022-2023 Metrowest Program Fees (only billed if player makes a team):

5th-7th grades: $570

8th grade: $515

4th grade: TBD (approximtely $375)

WYBA is a non-profit organization, and all of our programs are priced to break even.  As you can imagine, the costs to run the MetroWest program have increased over the past two years--including gym space, professional coaching, and league fees. WYBA does not want cost to be a barrier to anyone participating in this program, and has a scholarship fund that many families have taken advantage of in past years.  

Please be aware that financial assistance may be available - to learn more and/or apply, contact  Nancy Williamson at .  All inquiries will be held in strict confidence.