Sandwich Youth Lacrosse

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J. Walter Gallagher.

Walt founded Sandwich Youth Lacrosse in 1994 to help heal the loss of his oldest son. Jay Gallagher was a standout lacrosse player at Cornell University. After moving to Sandwich with his wife Nancy, Walt devoted 10 years of his life to helping develop the program we have today in honor of his son Jay. Walt led by example and inspired those around him to take pride in themselves on and off the field, respect each other and demonstrate excellent sportsmanship.  These core values hold true today and are the foundation of Sandwich Youth Lacrosse.
Those that knew him best say that Walt had two types of friends, the ones he knew and the ones he had not yet met. 
Each year Sandwich Youth Lacrosse will award two $500 scholarships, one Boy and one Girl.
1. Played Sandwich Youth Lacrosse for a minimum of three years and High School (gr 9-12) lacrosse for a minimum of 1 year
2. Sandwich MA full-time resident
3. Graduating Senior from a Cape Cod High School
Instructions (submit between March 1 to April 1)
1. Write a 1-page essay on your experience with SYL and what it meant to you
2. Attach the essay to an email sent to Patrick Smith at with a subject header "SYL Scholarship".  Within the email body (not the attached document), include the student's name, gender, SYL total years, HS lax total years, address with zip code, email, mobile number, high school, & college attending (if known).  If you do not receive an email in response then we have not received it.
Scholarship Award Recipients will be contacted by email before May 1
Year                  Male                                                      Female
2020        Tim Ladner/CJ Wiper                                   Ingrid Knaus
2021        Colby Leighton/Aidan Rodgers                    Macey White
2022        Matt DiGiacomo                                           Caroline Barrett