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Matrix Boosts
ARlington Travel Girls' program

Matrix Boosts Arlington Travel:  2003-2004 is First Year Arlington Travel Fields Two Girls’ Team in an Age Group

After a great deal of lobbying with administrators and skeptical incumbent parents (i.e. whether there was enough talent to field a second team, and if the second team would just really be a glorified house team), Coach Butler convinced Arlington Travel to form a second 7th grade travel team in 2003-2004.  The team went 8-6 in league play.  From that point on, the Arlington Travel Girls’ program was forever changed. 


For the record, six of the original Matrix players played as high school seniors for the 2008-2009 season.  Three of those players -- Shannon Briggs, Logan Frederick and Jasmine Murray -- will be playing basketball in college during their freshman year for the 2009-2010 season.  So that glorified house team did pretty well for itself


Pre-Matrix:  No Division 1 Girls’ Teams and Only One Girls’ Team Per Age Group

Before the Matrix was formed, Arlington Travel had NEVER had two girls’ teams in any age group.  In addition, with the exception of one team that won only one game by forfeit, Arlington Travel Girls’ teams never played in Division 1. 


Flash Forward:  Arlington Travel Girls’ Program Today

For the last 4-5 seasons, Arlington Travel has fielded two girls’ teams in all four FCYBL age groups, and has had teams in Division 1 in each age group – effectively doubling in size to become one of the largest girls’ winter travel basketball programs in Northern Virginia.  Plus, most of the girls’ coaches in today’s Arlington Travel program have their roots with the Matrix and/or continue to coach for the Matrix in the spring/summer as well as Arlington Travel in the fall/winter. 


Today:  Matrix AAU Remains Strong Supporter of Arlington Travel For Its Arlington Players

Unlike some other local AAU programs, the Matrix is a strong supporter of the Arlington Travel program for its Arlington players and encourages all of its Arlington players to play for Arlington Travel during the Fall-Winter season as preparation for the Matrix AAU season. 

Click here to visit the Arlington Travel Basketball website.

Last updated:  September 4, 2009.