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Travel (HEAT) Volleyball was introduced to bridge the gap between house league play and our competitive club program. Players are selected based on the Spring assessment tryouts for the house league. HEAT players practice and play on regular house teams but assemble and practice together as a team once a week and play against representative teams from other local area volleyball leagues. 

HEAT players practice twice a week (once for house, once for HEAT) and normally play twice weekly (one weeknight HEAT match and Saturday house games). Travel is local (usually Chantilly, Centerville, Vienna, etc.). This is a competitive team, and it is intended for players looking for an additional challenge. Our HEAT team from last year competed with our Club Volleyball teams and played against the same local teams in hosted play.


DYS Heat Roster 2023 Season
7th/8th Grade-HEAT Team
Coach: Adam & Donna
Claire Engelberger
Ariana Antonelli
Emma Hartman
Lindsey Armitage
Rachel Johnson
Jazel Oblepias
Sydney Walker
Samantha Berry
Sydney Mayer
Rithika Sukumar
Adalyn Skerker
Addison Olguin