Greater Manassas Baseball League is a volunteer organization serving the youth of the Cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Clifton and Centerville.

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Greater Manassas Baseball League
Battle of Bull Run Baseball Tournament
Official Tournament Rules


NOTE: All managers are required to check in via email no later than 5pm on 7/28/20.  Baseballs will be placed in dugout prior to each teams first game.  All COI's must be submitted in the check in email, and payment should be verified.  You MUST provide a valid COI (Certificate of Insurance) for your team.  Failure to provide a valid COI will make your team ineligible to participate in the tournament without refund of money.  Also, you need to submit your complete roster and include the GMBL waiver for each player listed.

Check in email:

Teams are prohibited from entering complex any earlier than 60 minutes prior to their first scheduled game of the day.  This is necessary to avoid over crowding of the complex.



           8U DIVISION:                 46/60:     Kid Pitch

           9U DIVISION:                 46/60:      Kid Pitch

10U DIVISION:               46/60:      Kid Pitch

11U DIVISION:               50/70:      Kid Pitch (w/ leads)

12U DIVISION:               50/70:      Kid Pitch (w/ leads)

13U DIVISON:                60/90:      Kid Pitch (w/ leads)

14U DIVISION:               60/90:      Kid Pitch (w/ leads)



Play 0 official games:  100% credit;  85% refund

Play 1 official game:     75% credit;   50% refund

Play 2 official games: no credit or refund



If the tournament is cancelled due to COVID-19 related reasons, all teams will be issued a full refund.



* All managers are required to check in via email no later than 5pm on 6/18/20.  Baseballs will be placed in dugout prior to each teams first game.  All COI's must be submitted in the check in email, and payment should be verified.  Also, you need to submit your complete roster and include the GMBL waiver for each player listed.

Check in email:



A valid COI must be submitted in advance of each teams' first game.  COI's should list the following as additionally insured:


E.G. Smith Baseball Complex

9651 Godwin Drive

Manassas, VA 20110



Age divisions of each player are determined as of April 30, 2020.  There are no age waivers granted for this tournament.  No exceptions. 



It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to carry birth documentation for all of the players on their roster at all times during the tournament.  Birth certificates, passports, Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth League ID cards, state IDs or any other government issued documents are sufficient (must list full name and birth date).

Age verification can ONLY be requested by opposing manger or tournament representative.  Parents cannot protest the ages of other players.

If the team is unable to provide sufficient documentation, the team will forfeit the current game with a score of 7-0, and will not be permitted to start another game without the appropriate documentation.

Managers may request the age verification of players on another team, only before or during a game AGAINST THAT TEAM.  Age verification may not be requested after a games' conclusion.  A tournament representative may request documentation at any time.



Pool Play-       No new inning start after 1 hour and 45 minutes (no drop dead) for 8U-12U

                     No new inning start after 2 hours (no drop dead) for 13U-15U

      Home teams are pre-determined and noted in schedule

      Home team gets third base dugout, visiting team gets first base dugout

           *Exception- if a team is playing in the following game on the same field, they should stay in the same dugout


Bracket Play-  No new inning start after 1 hour and 45 minutes (no drop dead) for 8U-12U

                    No new inning start after 2 hours (no drop dead) for 13U-15U      


       Must be a winner / Higher seed is home team / No time limit in Championship game only

       Home Team gets third base dugout, visiting team gets first base dugout

             *Exception – if team is playing the following game on same field, they should stay in same dugout. 

*  There should only be a total of 2 minutes between innings (last out to first pitch).  Have your pitcher and catcher ready.  No meetings on the way out to the field.

*  Start Times-  Game will start when 1st pitch is thrown.  Coaches should agree at start of game with ump.



In all divisions, championship seeded bracket will be a normal single elimination bracket.



There will be a slaughter rule in effect.  There is no per-inning run limit for 9U and above.  In 8U, there is a 5 run limit per inning.


15 runs after 3 innings (2 ½ if home team is ahead)

10 runs after 4 innings (3 ½ if home team is ahead)

8 runs after 5 innings (4 ½ if home team is ahead)


15 runs after 4 innings (3 ½ if home team is ahead)

10 runs after 5 innings (4 ½ if home team is ahead)

8 runs after 6 innings (5 ½ if home team is ahead)



There are no pitching restrictions in this tournament.  HOWEVER, managers/coaches/parents are reminded that the health of each player should be at the forefront of all pitching decisions made.  GMBL will not track pitching of the teams when participating in this event.  All responsibility of a player’s health on the mound with the coach, parent, and organization represented by the pitcher.



All games in pool and bracket play will become official after the team that is behind bats 4 times.  If a game gets canceled prior to that happening the home book should track how much time is left in the time limit for when the game resumes.  It will resume exactly where it left off.



A team may start with either 9 or 10 (with EH) or the entire roster in the line-up.  Once the game is in progress, a team may play with as few as 8 players due to injury, however, any vacated spot in the batting order will be an out each time it comes up in the game.  No team may drop below 8 players in the lineup.

Teams may elect to bat 9, or 10 (with EH) or the entire roster.  All players in the batting order will be considered a part of the line-up and they can substitute freely on defense.  Players cannot play defensively unless they are in the batting line-up.  The EH will be treated like any other defensive position for substitution rules.  Any batter not in the lineup to start the game MUST be subbed in for a dedicated player, and take their position in the batting lineup.  Those players are then married.  The starting player can re-enter the game ONCE.  The substitute player cannot re-enter the game once removed.  

PLEASE NOTE: Each player is only allowed to be rostered on ONE TEAM entered in this tournament.  If it is discovered that a team uses a player rostered on more than one team, both teams will forfeit each game that the player appeared in.



Courtesy runners are allowed at anytime for the pitcher or the catcher.  You must use any player not currently in the batting order or the last batted out if batting the entire lineup.


Head-first sliding allowed at all bases.



If there is an injured player and the team has no eligible subs the opposing coach will select which player will enter the game.



Forfeits will go down as 7 – 0 in the record.



1 per defensive inning or 2 for the game (per pitcher) without a change.



  • ANY USA BAT OR ANY USSSA BAT WITH 1.15 BPF MARKING WILL BE ALLOWED FOR 8U-12U.  Wood bats allowed in all divisions. USA & USSSA decertified bats will not be allowed.  13U can use USA, USSSA with 1.15 BPF or BBOCR DROP 3 BATS.  14U-15U MUST USE BBCOR DROP 3 BATS OR USSSA 1.15 -5 bats.
  • Metal cleats are allowed in 13U-15U only
  • No noise-makers allowed.  Umpire will warn offending team once.  Second violation will result in manager ejection.
  • C-Flaps are allowed on helmets
  • 8u-12u no slash bunting allowed(i.e. Fake bunt then swing.  Result regardless of contact or not is dead ball, runners return, batter is automatically out)
  • Defensive team is to supply baseballs for their 1/2 inning.  Defensive team/fans retrievs the foul balls while they are on the field.
  • No post-game hand-shakes
  • Players/coaches/umpires are expected to maintain a 6' distance at all times when not involved in play.  All pre-game and post-game meetings and mound visits are included in this.
  • Teams are prohibited from entering complex any earlier than 60 minutes prior to their first scheduled game of the day.  This is necessary to avoid over crowding of the complex.



        (a)    Won-loss record; 2 points for win, 0 for loss, 1 point for tie

        (b)    Head to Head (if applicable)

        (c)    Runs allowed

        (d)    Runs scored

        (e)    Coin toss

*Please note that you are asked to make every effort to field a team for each game.  If you fail to field a team you will forfeit the game.  We will award 2 points to a team that is forfeited against, scoring zero runs allowed and 7 runs scored.  The forfeiting team will be awarded zero points, 7 runs allowed and zero runs scored.



The winning team must report the score IMMEDIATELY after the conclusion of the game.  Winning team team MUST email a picture or screen shot of their scorebook (digital scorebooks acceptable) with age group and team names included, within 30 minutes of the end of their game, or the game will be considered a 7-7 tie.

Email to send scorebooks: 



There are no protests in this tournament.  The umpires ruling shall remain final in all scenarios.



Good sportsmanship is always expected.  Our umpires will strictly enforce the rules of good sportsmanship.  If a manager/coach/player is ejected from the game, he will automatically be suspended from the next two games.  If a parent is ejected from the field or complex, his player is also ejected.  Both are suspended for 2 games.

The complex is a drug/alcohol/tobacco free complex.  Any violation of this will result in IMMEDIATE removal from the complex by the individual for the remainder of the tournament.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Mangers are responsible for making their team parents aware of this.

There are no grills, or open flames allowed on the complex. 


8u Kid Pitch Specific Rules:

No stealing of home.  5 run limit per inning.  Can steal 2nd or 3rd once the ball crosses home plate.  No leads.  



These are the following guidelines that will be set in place going forward for our tournaments in accordance with Phase 2 of the Virginia Government Reopening .
1- No one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to the virus in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the facility, park, or sports complex where the event is held.  Coaches are asked to check in with each player to make sure they meet this criteria prior to warm-ups.
2- Physical distance should be maintained by all coaches, participants, and spectators, with the exception of incidental contact or contact between members of the same household. Follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible.
3-The only spectators attending the tournament should be parents, guardians or caretakers and their accompanying children.
4-Every team will follow the local and state guidelines, as well as facility requirements. Event guidelines for all team activities must be followed at all times. Any person or persons that is not following the guidelines will be asked to correct the issue.  If they refuse to the team they are affililated will forfeit the game(s).      
5-The manager meetings at home plate will include a coach from each team and the umpires. There should be no unnecessary people at the meeting besides these listed. One plate meeting per team at each game.
6- Teams are encouraged to disinfect all hard surface areas (bench, bat racks, etc.) upon first arriving at a dugout. Teams are required to clean, remove trash, dispose of trash per each game at appropriate receptacle. Supplies will be provided for these purposes.  Dugouts will be used however the teams will be provided with an extended dugout area roped off into bleachers/picnic area.  If you wish to have shade in the extended area, please bring your own team tents.
7-No shared water coolers in the dugouts that are provided by parks or teams. Players will need to bring their own personal cooler instead. No sharing of water bottles.  Players and coaches are encouraged to wear masks, but it is not required.
8-There will be no handshakes/high fives at the end of the game, and no group gatherings between teams on the field. Team members will tip their caps to the other team, from across the field after the game. 
9-Park restrooms will be cleaned on a regular basis, however please always wash or sanitize your hands as often as possible.
10-It is mandatory that all players and umpires use their own equipment while participating. This includes gloves, bats, helmets, etc.
11-Minimize the number of people in the bench area at all times, and have players spread out in the area to follow distancing protocols.
12-NO sunflower seeds or gum at any facilities.
13-Award ceremonies will be contactless, meaning coaches will be given the trophies and then they will hand them out. Pictures would be appreciated, and you can send them via email or text.
14-Umpires will use their discretion as to where they feel comfortable umpiring from. 
15-Stands will be closed off, so all spectators will have to bring their own chair/canopy and sit outside the fence along the 1st or 3rd base sides, as well as around the outfield fence. Social distancing protocols are to be followed.
16-Players are allowed parents/guardians and accompanying children to attend games.  Once games are finished teams and families are required to leave the field once the game is complete.
17-The coach operating the pitching machine during games will wear gloves and need to change them every inning.  Gloves will be supplied. 
18-GMBL will continue to update guidelines when we move into the next phase, or as they are posted. We feel that the guidelines will help us maintain a healthy environment for players, coaches and support staff.
19-Waivers will need to be signed for each coach and player on the roster of the team.  The waivers will need to be submitted to the GMBL Tournaments email before your first game. 
We can only hope to all be together soon enjoying weather, family, friends and great baseball. Until then we will work with our state and local governments to move forward safely within the guidelines and procedures given to us.