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Welcome to the 2020 Dulles Youth Thunder Football


Evaluations will begin on a Monday August 3rd 2020 at Byrnes Ridge Field in Stone Ridge (24915 Mineral Springs Cir) from 6pm - 8pm. Please park / drop-off / pick-up in the parking lot and not in neighborhoods behind the fields.  Volunteers will be at the fields to reverify player weight and direct you to the correct weight class evaluation area starting at 5:30pm.

The primary goal of evaluation week is to determine the proper skill division (American, Central, National) for your player and to rank player ability to facilitate equitable team drafts.  We will also be focused on instructing players on Football blocking and tackling fundamentals.


Dulles Youth Football encourages its participants to be the oldest and heaviest players in their weight class and will automatically place any player within 5lbs of maximum weight into lower qualified weight class.  Players more than 5lbs will automatically be placed in higher weight class. We do not encourage unsafe weight loss/gain practices and defer to the family to make these health decisions.  For administrative reasons, only the Football Commissioner can move players to a different weight class from where they were intially assigned.  Your player's weight on Monday or first reporting practice will determine this assignment.  Please contact football@dullesyouth.com for questions or concerns.

Below is the equipment to wear, if already assigned, for each day of evaluation week:

·         Mon & Tues Cleats, helmet, chin strap, mouthpiece, shorts, shirt

·         Wed – Shoulder pads, cleats, helmet, chin strap, mouthpiece, shorts, shirt

·         Thurs & Fri - Full pads

If you have not received equipment, below is the schedule to pick up gear from our Guaranty Self Storage (24195 Millstream Dr) in Stone Ridge.  Please park on Millstream Dr. and escort your player through gate.  Please, only come to the pickup scheduled for your weight class.

Monday 100lb & 115lb @ 8:30pm 
Tuesday 130lb @ 5:30pm, 80lb @ 8:30pm 
Wednesday 155lb @ 5:30pm, AB & 90lb @ 8:30pm

DYS Football Practice Jerseys and Spirit Wear will be available for purchase tMonday - Wednesday this week.


Bring plenty of water for each practice.  We recommend ensuring your player properly hydrates throughout the day well before practice as well.

If your player will be absent for any or all of evaluation week, please email us and we will let the proper weight class coaches know.  Your player will be evaluated when they return; players must complete 3 practices before full pads and contact is allowed.

Official FCYFL Weigh-Ins:

Please be advised that the first weigh-in for the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL) is usually the second Saturday of August. 

We will be providing more information about times and logistics later this week.  Please take this time to locate your player’s Virginia DMV issued ID card.  As a reminder FCYFL ONLY accepts this form of ID at weigh in.   FCYFL will not accept birth certificates, military IDs, passports or any form of ID other than a Virginia DMV ID.  Please check the expiration date on the ID card.  If you need to renew your player’s ID, you have changed your address, or if you are new to FCYFL football, please start the process of going to the DMV to obtain an ID card for your player immediately.  The VA DMV will not issue an ID at the time of application.  These IDs are mailed to your home and the process can take up to 2 weeks.

This is a very busy time for us as well so please check Important Dates and Football FAQ before emailing.

We are excited to have your family as part of our DYS Football Club and look forward a great season of Football.

Go Thunder!

DYS Football