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Week 1 Update


Coaches and Parents - it was a sucessful opening weekend: all the referees showed up, we were able to stay on schedule, no one got hurt and no ejections (players, coaches or parents).  We typically do not have so many games going at once but everyone was up to the challenge with the chaos so thanks for making it a success.


We had 6 games with unequal participation so that will be a focus for next week.  Every player needs to play within 1 segment of each other, please ask me if you have any questions about this rule.  There will be preprinted scoresheet for the games next week based on what I could decipher from the scoreheets, please update with better spellings.

Scoresheets for week 1 - these are upside down....sorry about that.


Games this week are at Kennedy Activity Center which is located behind Kennedy High School.  Note that there is no access from the HIgn School to the Activity Center.  There is a parking lot that can be accessed from the North side of the school that is closer than parking in the front of the High School. 


No games 12/21 or 1/4 - next games will be on 1/11 at Prior Lake HS.