High Academic Prospects - Class of 2020

In an attempt to help scouts from high academic admissions requirement colleges narrow their search for players in our area, we are listing the High Academic Prospects here.

We have received representation that the Class of 2019 players listed below are currently maintaining a college prep GPA of 3.2 or higher. The players highlighted in orange are maintaining a  3.7 GPA or higher .

If you are a men's college basketball prospect, and have a college prep GPA of 3.2 or higher, please email us at  


Kelvin Smith      Reid Slott  





  Joe Manfredi        




Westchester County
              Terrell Jarvis  
       Sebastian Pacheco      


Fairfield County
David Basich Jack Molloy Max Mitchell Ryan McAleer
Gus Larsen Kobi Agard Jack Seegers Jackson Leone
  Alex Gibbens    
Hartford County
    Jackson Wolff         


New Haven County

  Kai Kostmayer     Corey Walters