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AAU Girls' Basketball

Grade-Based Teams:  Age Cut-Off Rules
This page on the Matrix Basketball website deals with the age cut-off rules for players, a.k.a. the Age Determination Date ("ADD") rules.

Age Determination Date (“ADD”) Applicable for 2013 Season
Starting with the 2011 AAU season, the  AAU Girls' Basketball went to a grade basis for determining its divisions.  There are age maximums for each grade, but the age is very old and so in nearly every circumstance a player's grade will determine the division in which they can play.  See note below re: ability to apply to "play down" for players that are "academically advanced." 

In fact, the division names have been changed from an aged basis to a grade basis.  This means no more "10-Under" teams as an old 10-Under team is now a "Fifth Grade" team.  The new ADD is a combination of a January 1 ADD with broad grade exceptions.  

Click here for details about the age groups from the AAU Girls' Basketball National website.  This link also address "academically advanced" players that may wish
to play down one grade division. 


1.  If your daughter has a September birthday and is in her traditional grade for her age at school, she may be eligible to "Play Down" by AAU rules.  Click here to see the Matrix policy on player's playing down on a team. 

2.  The Matrix will be calling its teams by their year of graduation.  

Last updated:  January 23, 2012


Rules in Prior Years
The rules listed above are now in their third year after two changes in two years.  The rules prior to the 2009 rules were as follows:
.  2009-2010:  Fundamentally a grade-based approach, but with an age component
.  2008:  July 1 ADD
.  2007 and prior:  January 1 ADD