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Equipment for Wrestlers

Important Notes

  • Wrestlers are required to use singlets or fight shorts & shirt with the standard DYS Thunder design for all competitions
  • Head gear is required
  • Wrestling shoes are required
  • Mouth guards are required when braces are evident
  • Please put the athlete's name on shoes and headgear - kids leave them in the room all the time


Mandatory DYS Uniforms

  • Uniforms are a separate purchase and not included in registration fees.
  • Parents may purchase uniforms either:
    • Directly with the vendor online at GrappleMonster.  Orders must be made by TBD (we are working with the venor to extend this date).
    • DYS Wrestling - The wrestling club has some inventory of uniforms available for purchase. More details will be available soon.
  • Uniform ordering notes:
    • DYS parents only need to buy one type of uniform (singlet or fight gear) 
    • Sizes for either singlets or fight gear are based on wrestler's weight, if your child is within 5 pounds of the next size, we recommend purchase of the next larger size.  
    • If there is any doubt on whether or not uniforms will fit, then we suggest you purchase one-piece singlets because they stretch more than the two-piece fight gear.


DYS Fight Shorts/Compression Shirt and Singlet Designs



Size Chart



Mandatory Equipment

  • Head gear (mandatory for competitions)
  • Head gear that minimizes concussions
  • Shoes (mark names and numbers on them)
    • suggest ASICs due to a wider foot and rubber on sides of shoes
    • purchases on one of many online ASICs sources ~ click here 
    • suggested options for new kids include:  Matflex
    • suggested options for experienced kids include:  JB-Elite, Snapdown, Cael
    • purchases may be made at Play-It-Again Sports in Leesburg who carries new and used shoes
    • purchases at Dick's Sporting Goods ~ click here 
    • all major sporting goods stores carry new shoes
    • Top Of The Podium private wrestling facility in Sterling VA  carry new shoes (Adidas)
  • Hair nets ~ are required for anyone with hair touching their necks, and purchased separately by parents
    • purchases are online Cliff Keen ~ click here 
    • purchases are online at Sports Unlimited ~ click here 


Ancillary Equipment (not mandatory)

  • Sweat shirt with hood to keep warm during cold days in the gym
  • Sweat pants to keep warm in gym while sitting in between matches
  • Cleat Skin Shoe Covers that go over wrestling shoes allowing wrestlers to walk around off-mat protecting shoes from infectious bacteria and restroom floor ~ click here
  • Knee pads to protect knees from "skinning" 


Other Equipment (recommended)

  • Nail clippers and liquid disinfectant to clip all finger nails before tournaments and wipe hands, elbows, knees, and foreheads after wrestling matches
  • Sharpies to mark all your equipment with phone numbers
  • Back pack to carry your stuff (with name and phone number)
  • Disinfectant spray for shoes
  • Hand wipes and anti bacterial wipes for hands, fingers, foreheads, elbows, etc
  • Water bottles (mark names on it)~ wrestlers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles to stay hydrated before, during, and after practices and matches