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as of August 22, 2019


The Dulles South Youth Wrestling refund policy is as follows and MUST be agreed to as part of the registration process.

- $25 processing fee prior to midnight September 30, 2019.

- $100 processing and administration fees starting October 1, 2019. (Note that PRCS facility requests are due on October 1, 2019).

- One hundred percent of the registration fees shall be forfeited after Thursday, October 31, 2019 (mostly because a cancellation denies the opportunity for DYS to register another person).

- Refunds after October 31st may be granted (minus $100) in accordance with:

- Proofs of injuries, traumatic family events, job changes, or relocations.

- Another person successfully processed as a replacement for the departing wrestler.

- Note that registration completely shuts down at midnight, Sunday, November 17th. 


Please send ALL refund request directly to the commissioner at wrestling@dullesyouth.com