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Fairfax County
Youth Basketball League
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This page is maintained to provide the users of the Matrix website an overview of basketball programs that participate in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League ("FCYBL").  The FCYBL is a not-for-profit organization comprised of 27 registered member youth clubs and recreation centers.  

The Matrix strongly supports participation in the FCYBL programMatrix coaches serve or have serviced as coaches in the Arlington, McLean and Falls Church programs.  And the Matrix encourages all its players to play for one of the FCYBL clubs during the Fall-Winter season as a way to build their skills and expand their scope of basketball experiences before returning to Matrix AAU teams in the spring. 

The Matrix is a separate, independent organization and its programs are not affiliated with the FCBYL programs

The FCYBL includes 27 member organizations teams that participate in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League.  The FCYBL primarlily includes middle school and elementary grade school teams in the following divisions: 

Girl's 10 (Grades 4-5)

Boy's 10 (Grades 4-5)

Girl's 11 (Grade 6)

Boy's 11 (Grade 6)

Girl's 12 (Grade 7)

Boy's 12 (Grade 7)

Girl's 13-14 (Grade 8)

Boy's 13 (Grade 8)

The following is a summary of commonly asked questions re: the FCYBL:
  • Tryouts.  Most organizations hold their tryouts in early October.  
  • Games.  League play starts in early December and runs through the end of February, with a single elimination tournament running at the end of February and the first week of March.  
  • What team do I play for?  Players are eligible to play on a FCBYL team based upon the zip code in which they reside.  Fairfax County teams are allowed a maximum of two players per team that are outside their organization's assigned zip codes.  These zip code exception rules to not apply to Arlington players or Arlington teams; see FAQ below.  
  • Age groups.  A player's age is determined as of September 30 of each year.  Each team is provided two "grade exceptions". 

Matrix Strongly Supports FCYBL "County" Teams:
Tryout Schedules and Registration Information Now Available

The competitive youth basketball community in Northern Virginia has a strong non-AAU winter program in which nearly all the Top 5th-8th graders in Arlington and Fairfax County participate.

Unlike some AAU clubs in the area, the Matrix is a proud supporter of the FCYBL, encouraging its players to play on their local "County" teams, and our Matrix coaches do or have coached for FCYBL programs in Arlington, Falls Church and McLean. 

Click here to see the page on the Matrix website with information about County teams whose players have a history of playing for the Matrix