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Click Here to Visit PV AAU Website
Click Here to Visit PV AAU Girls' Basketball Website

Details About the Potomac Valley AAU District
The Potomac Valley District of the Amateur Athletics Union ("AAU") was first organized on October 15, 1929.   It includes all territories within the:
  • District of Columbia
  • Counties of Montgomery and Prince George's in the State of Maryland; and
  • Counties of Arlington and Fairfax along with the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
The Potomac Valley District of the A.A.U. was first organized on October 15, 1929.  The Potomac Valley District was re-aligned December 1968. It was formerly the District of Columbia District; it was renamed December 1972. 

Potomac Valley District Managed by Board of Managers 
The Potomac Valley District has a “Board of Managers” that is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of all the different sports in the Potomac Valley District, including all aspects of individual sports organizations and individuals that are members of the Potomac Valley District. 

AAU Girls Basketball LogoGirls' Basketball Committee Manages Potomac Valley AAU Girls' Basketball
In accordance wtih AAU rules, the Potomac Valley District has created a Girls' Basketball Committee to directly manage the affairs of girls' basketball in the District. 

Jim Butler, Executive Director of the Matrix, is a member of the Executive Committee of the Girls' Basketball Committee and serves as the webmaster for the Potomac Valley AAU Girls' Basketball website

The Girls' Basketball Committee is still subject to the oversight of the Potomac Valley Board of Managers, subject to the provisions of the 2008 AAU Codebook.   

Links to Websites
For more information, please visit the following websites:
The Potomac Valley AAU Girls' Basketball website is full of great information about a host of topics, including, but not limited to:
  • Qualifying for Nationals
  • Potomac Valley District Qualifying Tournaments ("DQTs")
  • Super Regional Tournaments ("SRTs")
  • AAU Girls' Basketball rules
  • About Potomac Valley AAU Girls' Basketball
  • Potomac Valley AAU Girls' Basketball Committee