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  Team Formation and
Player Eligibility FAQs


1. How are players chosen for the Matrix AAU teams?
All players will be selected in an open tryout.  All players are selected in competitive tryouts that are open to all players of any level of experience.  The coaches will select the players that she or he believes will form the best Matrix AAU team without regard to whether a player has AAU, travel, or house experience.  Approximately 11-13 players are selected per team.

While we strongly encourage players to attend all available tryouts, a player is only required to attend one day of tryouts to eligible for a Matrix AAU team. 

2.  Why are there so many Sunday morning tryouts?


We recognize the fact that many families have religious and family obligations on Sunday mornings, and that Sunday mornings are generally one of the few times free from sports during the year.  However, because of the jam-packed winter game schedules for both county/travel league games and house league games on the weekends, Sunday mornings are generally one of the few times we are able to schedule tryouts that do not conflict with players' winter game schedules.
Additionally, scheduling tryouts on weeknights can also be very difficult because of players' practice schedules with their winter teams.  Finally, Sunday mornings tend to allow us to obtain the larger and better facilities that are more appropriate for holding Matrix AAU tryouts, as we typically see a large turnout for each age group and require gyms with plenty of space.  So, while we understand that Sunday mornings are not ideal, as a practical matter they are often the best option for holding tryouts during the winter season.

3.  How are players officially notified that they have made a Matrix team?
The exact details on how players will be notified at or after the final tryout that they have (or have not) made a Matrix team will be announced at tryouts.  No roster spot is secure until a deposit has been paid and registration has been completed. 

4.  Are players ever offered roster spots before the end of tryouts? 
The Matrix coaches may, at their discretion, offer a limited number of roster spots to players during the course of tryouts.  The player selection process will be discussed in more detail at tryouts. 

5.  What happens next if my daughter makes a Matrix team?
Players will need to be registered in the Matrix online registration system and parents are required to attend a club/team meeting to review the team's season.  Team practices will generally start the second week of March.

6.  Who is eligible to tryout for Matrix AAU Teams?
Any female player is invited to tryout for Matrix AAU teams.  

7. Can players “play up” a year?
Players are generally required to play in their own grade.  Players would only be allowed to “play up” in rare circumstances, and would only be considered if the player could be a starter/top 6-7 player on the Division 1 team in the older age group.  Approval from the club's president, in consultation with other members of the Board of Directors, would also be required.   If your daughter would like to request to try out for a different age group than her current grade, please send a request to club president Liz Reed ( prior to tryouts.  In most cases, a decision would be made after seeing the player compete at tryouts in their own age group.

Last updated:  January 1, 2018.