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  Number of Teams,
Age Groups, Cost FAQs


1. What are the age groups and how many Matrix AAU teams will be fielded in each age group?
Our plans are to field teams in each of the following age groups:

.  2028/Grade 3 and Under (one Black/D1 team) 
.  2027/Grade 4 (one Black/D1 team and one Green/D2 team)

.  2026/Grade 5 (one Black/D1 team and one Green/D2 team)
.  2025/Grade 6 (one Black/D1 team, one Green/D2 team, and one White/D2 team)
.  2024/Grade 7 (one Black/D1 team and one Green/D2 team)
.  2023/Grade 8 (one Black/D1 team and one Green/D2 team)
.  2022/Grade 9 (one 15U showcase team, plus one 2022 regional team)
.  2021/Grade 10 (one 16U showcase team, plus one 2020/2021 regional team)
.  2020/Grade 11 (one 17U showcase team, plus one 2020/2021 regional team)

The decision to field a second or third team in any division is subject to there being a sufficient turnout of players to field competitive AAU team.  When we field three teams in an age group, the teams will be formed in an A-B-C manner. 

2.  Are Matrix AAU teams age based or grade based?
In accordance with the AAU division rules, Matrix AAU teams are fundamentally grade based teams.  Click here for details about the division rules for AAU Girls' Basketball.   

All Matrix AAU teams will be formed in compliance with the AAU division rules and all applicable NCAA rules.  Our Grade 3-8 teams are encouraged to enter the Potomac Valley District Qualifying Tournament (DQT), but the decision to play in the Potomac Valley DQT will be left up to each coach.  Our Grade 9-11 teams are encouraged to participate in college exposure tournaments during all NCAA viewing periods, but each individual schedule will be left up to each coach.

3. What is the cost of playing on a Matrix AAU team?
The base fee for the Spring 2019 AAU season is $650, which includes the cost of 8 team tournaments (including Districts, when applicable), team supplies (e.g. first aid kit, game basketballs), practice facility costs, Matrix gear, and an AAU card for insurance purposes.  New for 2019, all Matrix players will be required to purchase a home/away uniform set for $100.  The uniforms will be yours to keep, and should last multiple seasons.  Returning high school players who purchased a uniform in 2018 do not need to purchase again.

The base cost does not include additional tournaments or travel costs for players or coaches.  Additional expenses may vary by team.   Check with the coach(es) for your daughter's age group for specific schedule and travel plans.

4. Does the Matrix offer financial assistance for players that may need it to participate on a team?
Yes.  The Matrix does offer scholarships for players, as well as alternative payment plans.  We do not want finances to be a reason a player cannot participate in the program.  If you have a question about scholarships, please contact Liz Reed at  

Last updated January 1, 2019.