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New Referee Guidance

You've passed the test, you've even gotten your patch in the mail, now what? Below is an outline of the additional items to take care of to start getting assigned and paid for providing referee services.

Create a login for Game Officials

  • This is the website that the NISL (boys league) uses
  • Jim Buckner, our referee assignor uses this system to assign games to you. In order to recieve games from him you need to join his group
    • Group # 1444
    • Access Code: NISL2015
  • Make sure you populate your profile with the email address and cell phone you want to be contacted with
  • Set up the My Payments section with the bank account info to have payments direct deposited.
  • Assigned games will show up under "My Games"
  • To enter scores click on the "After Games" link
  • Click HERE to see a How-To Guide with screenshots and instructions for completing the above steps


Create a login for IWSL's Referee Page

  • This is the website that the IWSL (girls league) uses
  • This one is 1000 times easier to use. Your assigned games will appear under "My Games"
  • You can submit your scores by clicking the "Submit Referee Game Card" button, entering the game number, and then the score

Email Jim Buckner at and let him know you would like to be assigned games.

  • You will get a ton of emails but also plenty of opportunity to take games.