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Dulles North and South Football Question

Q. Why have both Dulles North and Dulles South teams?
A.  Dulles Youth Sports has focused on serving the area south of Dulles Toll Road and East of Route 15 since its inception in 2007.  More recently, with the growth and changes to school boundary zones, this area has become classified as two distinct districts (Dulles North and Dulles South).  We believe to best serve these communities, the schools, and their athletic programs, we need to adapt as well.

Q: Is Dulles North Football a new Club or League
A: No, Dulles Youth Football is the Club which participates in the Fairfax County Youth Football League.  The goal of having Dulles North and Dulles South teams is to better align team participants with the communities they are from.

Q:  Will my participant be guaranteed to play on a Dulles South or Dulles North team?
A:  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee team placement as it depends on the number of teams per weight class, skill divisions, and available coaches.  However, our goal is to facilitate this alignment.

Q. How do you plan to comply with DYS Football Program and Policies and FCYFL rules?
A.  We have the flexibility of voluntarily fielding multiple American level teams at any weight class and our rules allow for equally skilled players to be traded during the draft between teams in same skill division.  For example, if we field two 130lb teams, our goal would be for a Dulles North 130 American and a Dulles South 130 American team.

Q. I was with Coach "Smith" last year, will this impact me.
A.  Please see our Football program and policies document.  No player is guaranteed to be selected or placed on any given team.  Our American coaches select players first, then Central Coaches and then National Coaches.  

Q. How do I know if I am a Dulles North or Dulles South player?
A.  By selecting the school you are zoned to during registration we will know the area the participant should be aligned with.

Q. Won't this create rivalries between North and South teams?
A.  Hopefully, Yes!  Friendly and respectful competition is an integral part of our sport.   Having that sense of community representation is a core part of our goal.

Q. Will Dulles North have their own uniforms?
A.  Not initially and we don't foresee our colors changing.  We do have some branding ideas but let's walk before we run.