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Frequently Asked Questions - Eligibility

Who is eligible to play in Dulles Little League?

Dulles Little League offers baseball programs from T-ball through Little League Seniors for boys and girls. All players of League Age 4-14 (age as of the following April 30th) wanting to play with DLL must reside within DLL's boundaries. All Loudoun County players of League Age 15-16 are eligible to play in DLL's Seniors division if the league in which you reside does not offer a baseball program for players of that League Age.

There are two main criteria to meet to be eligible to play in Dulles Little League:
  • Age: DLL is open to players with a League Age of 4 to 14 inclusive for T-Ball through Little League Juniors, and League Age 15-16 for Little League Seniors. To determine a player's League Age, calculate their age as of the next April 30. For the 2015 Spring season, that date is April 30, 2015.
  • Residency: Except for our Seniors division, DLL is only open to players living within our boundaries. Little League sets the criteria for how a player is considered a resident of our boundaries; in general, if either of the player's parents OR a player's court-appointed legal guardian resides within our boundaries, then that player is permitted to play in our league.

For eligibility questions, including situations where the league in which you reside does not offer a baseball program for players of that League Age, contact the DLL Vice President ( ) before registering.

The Challenger division, which provides boys and girls with disabilities the opportunity to experience the emotional development and the fun of playing Little league Baseball, has different eligibility requirements. Contact Wendy Melcher ( ) for more information about DLL's Challenger program. Note: The Challenger division is not offered in the Fall.

How can I be sure my child resides within DLL's boundaries?

Click this link to verify that your child resides within DLL's boundaries.

How and when do I prove my residency within DLL's boundaries, and why do we have to do this?

Each DLL player is required to provide proof of residency within DLL's boundaries. Residence shall be established and supported by CURRENT documents from THREE OR MORE of the following categories to determine residency of such parent(s) or guardian:

  1. Driver’s License
  2. Voter’s Registration
  3. School records
  4. Welfare/child care records
  5. Federal records
  6. State records
  7. Local (municipal) records
  8. Support payment records
  9. Homeowner or tenant records
  10. Utility bills (i.e., gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposa) (within past 3 months)
  11. Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc.) records
  12. Insurance documents
  13. Medical records
  14. Military records
  15. Internet, cable or satellite records (within last 3 months)
  16. Vehicle records
  17. Employment records

NOTE: Most people have the three required documents in their cars. A current Driver's License, current Vehicle Registration, and current Vehicle Insurance Card meet the requirements!

For the 2015 Spring season, all required documents must be received by DLL no later than Feb 9, 2015. All proof of residency documents must be dated within 3 months of February 9, 2015 to be considered valid. Little League regulations require DLL to verify eligibility and collect proof of residency to verify eligibility to participate in DLL and potentially participate in a Little League All-Star tournament.

Each family should submit a COPY of the player’s birth certificate and 3 proofs of residency to DLL in ONE of the following ways, listed in order of preference:

  1. Scan and email copies of your documents, with your player's name clearly written on top, to:
  2. Fax legible copies of your documents, with your player's name clearly written on top, to DLL’s fax number: 703-738-7291 (no cover sheet needed)
  3. Bring paper copies of your documents to one of DLL’s 2014 Player Evaluation (PE) sessions (schedule on DLL website in January). Note that documents brought to a PE session will NOT be reviewed or validated during the PE session, only collected for review at a later time.
  4. Mail copies of your documents, with your player's name clearly written on top, to: DLL, PO Box 946, Ashburn, VA 20146

ALL players are required to submit this documentation to the league before participating in practices or games. If you submitted a copy of your player's birth certificate in a prior season, you do not need to resubmit that document, but you do need to submit new proof of residency documents.

Why is DLL collecting birth certificate and proof of residency documents?

Birth certificates have always been used to verify a first-time player’s age eligibility to participate in DLL. DLL has always verified league eligibility based on the address(es) used during player registration. DLL is collecting birth certificates and proof of residency documents for ALL players to comply with a Little League requirement that requires us to do so.

Why can’t I just show my documentation to someone to prove my player’s eligibility and residency?

For a league of the size of DLL, it simply isn’t feasible to validate the documents on-the-fly. Having a small number of Board member volunteers validate and file the documentation for over 1200 players will obviously be a time-consuming task that is best completed in the “off-season”. Furthermore, players who participate in All-Stars have always been required to submit this documentation. Collecting and cataloging this documentation in the offseason allows DLL to comply with the Little League regulation, and removes the documentation burden on participants to the offseason.

Who will have access to the birth certificates and proof of residency documentation?

A small number of DLL Board members who have completed a background check.

I previously submitted all the documentation for my player… why haven’t I heard back from anyone?

Due to the large volume and varying formats of documents, it will take several weeks to validate and catalog all the documents that have been received. That activity will be taking place while a small number of league volunteers prepare for the upcoming season by conducting Player Evaluations, Player Drafts, preseason meetings and training for DLL managers, and while they complete all other player-to- team assignments. A DLL representative will contact you if we require additional documentation. If you are not sure if you've submitted all the required documentation, please resubmit!

Where/how will my documentation be stored?

Paper documents will be stored and archived in a secured location. Electronic documents will be stored and archived to a Board member’s computer and/or CD stored in a secured location.

How long will DLL keep my documents?

Birth certificates will be kept on file until a player is no longer eligible to play in DLL. Once a player becomes ineligible for any reason, those documents will be shredded and/or deleted. The revised Little League regulation requires participating players to submit proof of residency documents prior to the start of each season. Following each season, proof of residency documents will be shredded and/or deleted. Upon request, DLL may make paper documents available for pickup by the participant at a designated time/date.

Spring Season: I’ve missed the Feb 9 deadline for submitting my player’s documentation. What should I do?

Submit all the required documentation as soon as possible. Your player will not be permitted to participate in DLL practices or games until all documentation is received. Any documents used for proof of residency that contain a date must be dated before February 9, 2015 for the 2015 Spring season.