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General Information

Q. How and when do I register?
A. Online and walk-up registration is held from late December through February every year. Keep an eye on the website for updated registration information.

Q. Why do we register players so early?
A. Our league registration numbers determine the number of Coaches we must evaluate, uniforms we must order, the amount of new equipment we must purchase, how many umpires to hire, and other operational issues. This all takes time and is done strictly by volunteers. We must finish registering children by early February in order to get them on the playing field the following Spring.

Q.  What Division/Age Group does my child play in?
A. We have a table on Divisions/Age Group tab under FAQ’s to help you determine your child's Division. Age is determined by April 30 of the current year -- in other words, what is your child’s age on April 30? Then that is his/her league age for the baseball season and will determine which division he/she will play in.

Q. Why is there a player tryout/evaluation?                   
A. The league holds a tryout to attempt to distribute talent evenly over the teams in the Division. Is it perfect? No. But, it helps make games more fun and interesting for players and their parents. Everyone plays regardless of how they do at tryouts.

Q. Can my child play with his/her friends?                   
A. Teams in TeeWee are primarily organized by the coaches and parents. This is usually around friendships, kinships or association. The parent of a TeeWee player can request that their child be placed on a team with a "buddy". Players still remaining in the registered pool of players are distributed to teams to make the number of players even. From TeeBall up, teams are picked by draft. This is done in a effort to make all the teams as evenly balanced as possible. Your child may or may not play with their friends but they will make many new friends during the season. Siblings playing in the same division are always placed on the same team.

Q. Do I get a discount if I have more than one child in DYBA?
A. Yes. There is a $5 discout for each child registered. The total for one child is $70, two is $135, three is $195, and so on.

Q. When do Practices start?
A. Practices begin in March 1 and run through the season.

Q.  When do games begin?
A. Games begin mid-April. 

Q. What are the Weekday Game Times?
A. Weekday game times are 5:30 and 7:00. There are time limits and run limits on games to keep them from running too long.

Q. What happens if I register my child late?
A. We want to ensure that every child who wants to play can do so. However, players who register late may be put on a waiting list for team placement.

Q. Can I get a refund?
A. Yes, if there has been no uniform issued.

Q. What equipment will my child need?
A. Players will need to purchase a baseball glove and baseball cleats (NO METAL). Also, you will need to purchase a protective cup for any player who will be playing catcher. All players receive a hat, jersey, pants, socks and a belt from the league. Many parents choose to purchase a batting helmet for their player, but team helmets are provided by the league. Another item that many parents choose to purchase for their player to help keep their personal gear together is an equipment bag, but this is completely optional.
Note: Bat Selection guidelines information is located on the equipment tab under FAQ’s on the website.

Q. How do I volunteer?
A. As we are a volunteer organization, your help is greatly appreciated. Please contact any Board member on the tab under FAQ’s to find out how you can participate.

Q. How often is the Web site updated?
A. Dixie Youth Baseball of Alexandria is a volunteer organization. The Web site is updated as soon as possible; as such, the information on this Web site is subject to change without prior notice.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have more questions?
A. Please contact the Vice-President of the Division in which your child is playing. They are listed in the Contacts tab under League Information.