Pembroke Youth Hockey (PYH) is an organization for boys and girls ages 5 to 19 years old from Pembroke and the neighboring towns, including Halifax and Plympton. A member of both Massachusetts Hockey and USA Hockey, PYH is comprised of teams which compete

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TICKETS ARE AVAILBLE, please respond to this email and let us know if you would like physical tickets to buy and/or sell. Anyone buying/selling 3 tickets will be entered into a free tuition raffle for next season. - DRAWING WILL BE FEB 18 2022! 



2021/2022 Fundraising Raffle

$10,000 Grand Prize


Plus a chance to win Free 2022/2023 PYH tuition


Tickets can be purchased by dropping $100 cash or check off at the PYH Mailbox (Rink 1 Lobby Hobomock Arenas) or via venmo: @Pembroke-YouthHockey.  Please note your email, name, and phone number.  You will be emailed a raffle ticket # and confirm after making payment.  Physical tickets will be available upon request to  


The winning ticket number will be drawn Feb 18 2022.

• Winner does not need to be present at the event.

• Winner is responsible for all taxes on the cash prize.

• 100% of the proceeds minus expenses go to PYH.

• Tickets will be sold at $100 each.

• Families in good standing that buy (or sell to someone outside of PYH) 3 or more tickets are entered in a chance to win one free tuition. 



PYH Fundraising Committee 
$10,000 Raffle Rules

Objective: To raise funds and enhance the overall experience for players and families.

Summary: $10,000 cash prize raffle. The raffle will run through Friday, February 1st 2022. Winning ticket will be drawn February 18 2022. Winner does not need to be present at the event. Winner is responsible for all taxes on the cash prize.

• $100 raffle tickets, $10,000 cash to the winner. The remaining proceeds from all tickets sold will go back to the program, minus expenses.
• Tickets can be purchased by dropping $100 cash or check off at the PYH Mailbox (Rink 1 Lobby Hobomock Arenas) or via venmo: @Pembroke-YouthHockey.  Please note your email, name, and phone number.  You will be emailed a raffle ticket # and confirm after making payment.  Physical tickets will be available upon request.

• The ticket numbers will be drawn in reverse order until the winner is selected (The winner does not need to be present).
• Any family in good standing that buys (or sell to someone outside of PYH) three (3) or more raffle tickets on or before Friday, February 1st 2022, shall be entered into a lottery drawing to receive a free tuition for the 2022/2023 season. Email with any name that should be associated with your family. The winning name from the pool of qualifying players shall be drawn by lottery the same day as the cash prize drawing.


Email with any questions.


Everyone playing PYH this season has already purchased 1 ticket per player included in your tuition. Offical raffle #'s are listed below in order of date and time of registration starting April 1, 2021.

Ticket # Buyer Last Name Buyer First Name Pmt Status Sold by:
1 Tabor Jackson paid Tabor
2 Malone Ryder paid Malone
3 Goldberg William paid Goldberg
4 Graham James paid Graham
5 Nelson Royal paid Nelson
6 Brennan Dylan paid Brennan
7 Kenney Seamus paid Kenney
8 McFarland Owen paid McFarland
9 Sowersby Peyton paid Sowersby
10 DeBlois Andrew paid DeBlois
11 McCarthy Justin paid McCarthy
12 Loud Jeffrey paid Loud
13 Kennedy Sean JR paid Kennedy
14 Davis Colton paid Davis
15 Davis Connor paid Davis
16 Dever Siobhan paid Dever
17 McKeown Brady paid McKeown
18 Bellantoni Ethan paid Bellantoni
19 Higgins Jacqueline paid Higgins
20 Sheehan Jacob paid Sheehan
21 Agnew Mackenzie paid Agnew
22 deBakker Theodore paid deBakker
23 deBakker Calvin paid deBakker
24 Rupple David paid Rupple
25 Laws Audrey paid Laws
26 Kane Kian paid Kane
27 Goyette Nora paid Goyette
28 Goyette Jake paid Goyette
29 Goyette Luke paid Goyette
30 Steinkrauss Chase paid Steinkrauss
31 McKee Jake paid McKee
32 Murphy Aiden paid Murphy
33 Gear Evan paid Gear
34 Mercer Nathanael paid Mercer
35 Owen Patrick paid Owen
36 Ergas Alexander paid Ergas
37 Medico Robert paid Medico
38 Medico Joseph paid Medico
39 Luongo Owen paid Luongo
40 Dattanasio Leo paid Dattanasio
41 Jackson Benjamin paid Jackson
42 Kennedy Jacob paid Kennedy
43 Beaupre Raymond paid Beaupre
44 Hogan Aidan paid Hogan
45 Bleicken Wesley paid Bleicken
46 Bleicken Charles paid Bleicken
47 Conway Ryan paid Conway
48 Falk Trevor paid Falk
49 Holmes Sean paid Holmes
50 Nee Reagan paid Nee
51 Nee Emma paid Nee
52 Nee Addison paid Nee
53 Nee Callaghan paid Nee
54 Hackett Nathan paid Hackett
55 Curtis Cameron paid Curtis
56 Curtis Brandon paid Curtis
57 Curtis Jaden paid Curtis
58 Greene Shawn paid Greene
59 Mulready Levon paid Mulready
60 Mulready Lily paid Mulready
61 Mulready Sierra paid Mulready
62 Zeoli Allison paid Zeoli
63 Mailloux Parker paid Mailloux
64 Perkins Noah paid Perkins
65 Gallagher Elizabeth paid Gallagher
66 Gallagher Thomas paid Gallagher
67 Gallagher Daniel paid Gallagher
68 Lewis Alexa paid Lewis
69 Evans Charlie paid Evans
70 Reddington Everett paid Reddington
71 Martino Francesca paid Martino
72 McCafferty Quinn paid McCafferty
73 Cooley Erin paid Cooley
74 Bolan Garrett paid Bolan
75 D'Angelo Matthew paid D'Angelo
76 D'Angelo Hannah paid D'Angelo
77 Wright Cole paid Wright
78 DeCarolis Colin paid DeCarolis
79 Boyce Trevor paid Boyce
80 Souretis Alexander paid Souretis
81 Hill Patrick paid Hill
82 Hill Morgan paid Hill
83 Cobe Thomas paid Cobe
84 Jones Emma paid Jones
85 Weir Ethan paid Weir
86 Small Griffin paid Small
87 Ferraro Julian paid Ferraro
88 Kerrigan Collin paid Kerrigan
89 Kanya David paid Kanya
90 Kanya Ryan paid Kanya
91 Kanya Brenden paid Kanya
92 Levy Alexis paid Levy
93 McMahon Gavin paid McMahon
94 Levy Jonathan paid Levy
95 Levy Thomas paid Levy
96 Hetrick Noah paid Hetrick
97 Wozniak Kenneth paid Wozniak
98 Sullivan Beckett paid Sullivan
99 Sullivan Ella paid Sullivan
100 Higgins Victoria paid Higgins
101 Zaccardi Nolan paid Zaccardi
102 Swain Tyler paid Swain
103 Murphy Rylan paid Murphy
104 Holloway Logan paid Holloway
105 VanDerMolen Trevor paid VanDerMolen
106 Beard Lilian paid Beard
107 Bresnahan Joseph paid Bresnahan
108 Davis John paid Davis
109 McNamara Owen paid McNamara
110 Lane Branden paid Lane
111 Manon Lillianna paid Manon
112 Powers Conor paid Powers
113 Ready Rylie paid Ready
114 Ready Tyler paid Ready
115 Chapman Benjamin paid Chapman
116 Channell Preston paid Channell
117 Pope Logan paid Pope
118 McGrath Nolan paid McGrath
119 Jenkins Derek paid Jenkins
120 Woods Allie paid Woods
121 Durham Jack paid Durham
122 Durham Ryan paid Durham
123 Durham Quinn paid Durham
124 Smith Joseph paid Smith
125 Dalton Jayce paid Dalton
126 McElroy John paid McElroy
127 Palmieri Nathan paid Palmieri
128 Baldner Aiden paid Baldner
129 Stokinger Zachary paid Stokinger
130 Brew Evan paid Brew
131 Obshatkin Daniel paid Obshatkin
132 Obshatkin David paid Obshatkin
133 Sweetser Nathan paid Sweetser
134 Sullivan Scarlett paid Sullivan
135 Cantino Cody paid Cantino
136 Hurcombe Emerson paid Hurcombe
137 Stone Alison paid Stone
138 Cantino Michael paid Cantino
139 Bagley Gavin paid Bagley
140 Figueiredo Brock paid Figueiredo
141 Stone Emily paid Stone
142 Sosnicki Abigail paid Sosnicki
143 Kelly Wyatt paid Kelly
144 Tillson Drew paid Tillson
145 Tillson Luke paid Tillson
146 Tillson Kyle paid Tillson
147 McGrath John paid McGrath
148 Holloway Gavin paid Holloway
149 Holloway Nolan paid Holloway
150 Angell Kepler paid Angell
151 Freeley Dean paid Freeley
152 Durfee Luke paid Durfee
153 Sosnicki Nicholas paid Sosnicki
154 Ward Neil paid Ward
155 Ward Martin paid Ward
156 Simmons Aidan paid Simmons
157 Palmiero Nicholas paid Palmiero
158 Sawyer Charlie paid Sawyer
159 Guarino Logan paid Guarino
160 Clark Sean paid Clark
161 Wilson Samuel paid Wilson
162 Wilson Lucas paid Wilson
163 Schultz Kevin paid Schultz
164 Sullivan-White Anthony paid Sullivan-White
165 Quatrale Mary paid Quatrale
166 Sullivan-White William paid Sullivan-White
167 Quatrale Sadie paid Quatrale
168 Quatrale Lucy paid Quatrale
169 Zaccardi Ian paid Zaccardi
170 Perry Brandon paid Perry
171 Perry Lauren paid Perry
172 Vurpillatte Calliegh paid Vurpillatte
173 Vurpillatte James paid Vurpillatte
174 Johnson Annabelle paid Johnson
175 Johnson Lillian paid Johnson
176 Birolini Jennifer paid Birolini
177 Corry Ronan paid Corry
178 Bedrosian Brandon paid Bedrosian
179 Balasco William paid Balasco
180 Eva Jack paid Eva
181 Webb Sawyer paid Webb
182 Marsocci Ava paid Marsocci
183 Crowell Julia paid Crowell, J.
184 Grace Jack paid Grace
185 Smolinsky Andrew paid Smolinsky
186 Daube Owen paid Daube
187 Ford Colton paid Ford
188 McSweeney Andrea paid McSweeney
189 McSweeney Ryan paid McSweeney
190 McSweeney Shawn paid McSweeney
191 Chavez Nicholas paid Chavez
192 Melanson Matthew paid Melanson
193 Peppino Marco paid Peppino
194 Ellis Elijah paid Ellis
195 Joubert Natalie paid Joubert
196 Ellis Jacob paid Ellis
197 Johnson David paid Johnson
198 Ellis John paid Ellis
199 Mitchell Connor paid Mitchell
200 Peppino Michael paid Peppino
201 Fryar Cameron paid Fryar
202 Bleidorn Benjamin paid Bleidorn
203 Ward Michael paid Ward
204 Ford Skyla paid Ford
205 Hannon Penelope paid Hannon
206 Pilling Joseph paid Pilling
207 Skeiber Ella paid Skeiber
208 Crowell Nina paid Crowell
209 Ciccone Dylan paid Ciccone
210 Crowell Ayla paid Crowell
211 Henderson Charles paid Henderson
212 Marinelli Gabriella paid Marinelli
213 Marinelli Nathan paid Marinelli
214 Walker Finn paid Walker
215 Lubas Michael paid Lubas
216 Dunphy Ava paid Dunphy
217 Dunphy Mia paid Dunphy
218 Dunphy Daniel paid Dunphy
219 Long Declan paid Long
220 Goddard John paid Goddard
221 Casavant Anneliese paid Casavant
222 Casavant Frederick paid Casavant
223 Baker Gavin paid Baker
224 Mitchel Jayden paid Mitchel
225 Burke Elizabeth paid Burke
226 Burke Harrison paid Burke
227 Macdonald Andrew paid Macdonald
228 Macdonald Colin paid Macdonald
229 Costa Cameron paid Costa
230 Comeau Nathan paid Comeau
231 Hatch Travis paid Hatch
232 Hatch Daniel paid Hatch
233 Smith Landon paid Smith
234 Reed Collin paid Reed
235 Perry Sean paid Perry
236 Murphy Emma paid Murphy
237 Hatch Kelsi paid Hatch
238 Asack Alex paid Asack
239 Stevens Jack paid Stevens
240 Gear Natalie paid Gear
241 Carabin Olivia paid Carabin
242 Omalley Maggie paid Omalley
243 Hurst Jacob paid Hurst
244 Hurst Mackenzie paid Hurst
245 MacDonald Connor paid MacDonald
246 Peach Zachary paid Peach
247 Peach Dane paid Peach
248 Birolini Anthony paid Birolini
249 Cantino Maria paid Cantino
250 Libbey Quinn paid Libbey
251 Moreno Benjamin paid Moreno
252 Brandon Ayden paid Brandon
253 Brandon Ariana paid Brandon
254 Stone Christopher paid Stone
255 Wright Jared paid Wright
256 Becker Teagan paid Becker
257 Odowd Jacob paid Odowd
258 Colligan Charles paid Colligan
259 Walkus Jack paid Walkus
260 Standish Josephine paid Standish
261 Eddy Mitchell paid Eddy
262 Gagnon Eva paid Gagnon
263 Zaza Aden paid Zaza
264 Regan Declan paid Regan
265 Haddad Benjamin paid Haddad
266 Wood Andrew paid Wood
267 Taylor Blake paid Taylor
268 Johnson Greyson paid Johnson
269 Packard Jacob paid Packard
270 Kerrigan Deaglan paid Kerrigan
271 Ryan Gabriel paid Ryan
272 Martino Owen paid Martino
273 Graney Aiden paid Graney
274 Graney Andrew paid Graney
275 Baker Alex paid Baker
276 Reardon Maci paid Reardon
277 Murphy Camden paid Murphy
278 Murphy Grayson paid Murphy
279 Carey Dermot paid Carey
280 Picariello Kevin paid Picariello
281 Picariello Kyle paid Picariello
282 Barone Cody paid Barone
283 Barrett Dimitri paid Barrett
284 Sabin Aila paid Sabin
285 Proctor Tuc paid Proctor
286 Swain Molly paid Swain
287 LaVallee Emily paid LaVallee
288 Indelicato James paid Indelicato
289 Cibotti Robert paid Cibotti
290 Lang Jordan paid Lang
291 Hannon Maisy paid Hannon
292 Olsson Nicholas paid Olsson
293 Henderson Liliana paid Henderson
294 Kosztyla Victor paid Kosztyla
295 McCarthy Lucas paid McCarthy
296 Hurt John paid Hurt
297 Murrin Kevin paid Murrin
298 Clune Owen paid Clune
299 Martino Drew paid Martino
300 Hill Ryan paid Hill
301 Stone Heather paid Stone
302 Stone Heather paid Stone
303 Stone Heather paid Stone
304 Stone Evelyn paid Stone
305 Stone Tammie paid Stone
306 Welch Aline paid Welch
307 Keneally Linda paid Crowell
308 Cheever Al paid Crowell
309 Crowell Nina paid Crowell
310 Sweeney Lauren paid Crowell
311 Hunt Riley paid Hunt
312 Moschella Ryan paid Moschella
313 Mohan Lincoln paid Mohan
314 Pezzulo Jada paid Pezzulo
315 Dascalos Madeline paid Dascalos
316 Welch Rj paid Welch
317 Burns Brody paid Burns
318 Kresser Patrick paid Kresser
319 Kendrick Luke paid Kendrick
320 Welch Aedan paid Welch
321 Welch Finn paid Welch
322 Barron Jacob paid Barron
323 Fay Sullivan paid Fay
324 Owen Matthew paid Owen
325 Terwilliger Thomas paid Terwilliger
326 Angell Kaz paid Angell
327 Sullivan Willa paid Sullivan
328 Hill Patrick paid Hill
329 Rosher Gavin paid Rosher
330 Casavant Rick paid Casavant
331 Casavant Rick paid Casavant
332 Casavant Rick paid Casavant
333 Sullivan White William paid Sullivan White
334 Sullivan White Anthony paid Sullivan White
335 Medico Robert paid Medico
336 Medico Robert paid Medico
337 Medico Robert paid Medico
338 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Crowell
339 Cooley Erin paid Cooley
340 Cooley Erin paid Cooley
341 Cooley Erin paid Cooley
342 Sullivan Dave paid Sullivan
343 Levy Carly not paid Levy
344 Levy Carly not paid Levy
345 Levy Carly not paid Levy
346 Dever Shannon not paid Dever
347 Dever Shannon not paid Dever
348 Dever Shannon not paid Dever
349 Martino Owen not paid Martino
350 Martino Francesca not paid Martino
351 Martino Francesca not paid Martino
352 Clune Ryan paid Clune
353 Clune Ryan paid Clune
354 Clune Ryan paid Clune
355 Burns Nicole not paid Burns
356 McFarland Jeff paid McFarland
357 Hurst Jeff not paid Hurst
358 Bradley Jeff paid Birolini
359 Twigg Ken paid Birolini
360 Vandermolen Trevor paid Vandermolen
361 Baker Alex paid Baker
362 Goyette Nora not paid Goyette
363 Goyette Nora not paid Goyette
364 Goyette Nora not paid Goyette
365 McNamara Kyle paid McNamara
366 McNamara Kyle paid McNamara
367 Weir Ethan not paid Weir
368 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
369 Fahie Lisa paid Fahie
370 Clifford Dave paid Tabor
371 Clifford Dave paid Tabor
372 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
373 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
374 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
375 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
376 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
377 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
378 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
379 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
380 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Vurpillatte
381 Mckee Jake not paid Mckee
382 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Hurst
383 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Hurst
384 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Hurst
385 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Hurst
386 OUT FOR SALE   not paid Hurst
387 Moreno Joel not paid Moreno
388 Balasco Al not paid Balasco
389 OPEN   not paid TBD
390 OPEN   not paid TBD
391 OPEN   not paid TBD
392 Errico Robert paid Ready
393 O'Hara Jane paid Ready
394 OPEN   not paid TBD
395 OPEN   not paid TBD
396 OPEN   not paid TBD
397 blank Linda paid Ready
398 OPEN   not paid TBD
399 OPEN   not paid TBD
400 Ready Julie paid Ready