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An email was sent out on Sun, June 09, 2019 around 6 PM to all players who tried out and declared an interest in joining a travel team. If you did not receive an email, please contact registrar@westportsoccer.org   
See list of players below who have been offered a roster position.

Everyone offered a position must ACCEPT or DECLINE the offer by clicking on the links sent within their congratulations email. 

Those not offered a position have been placed on a waitlist and will be contacted by WSA should a position become available.  Please consider registering for our Rec program (registration to open July 15th on the WSA site.)  

JUNE 17th is the deadline to pay online & submit required player documents ($100 late fee thereafter).
Required player documents, Click HERE


Registration Questions:  Kathleen/ registrar@westportsoccer.org



ALL INQUIRIES SHOULD BE DIRECTED (no later than July 1st) to: 

U9-U11:  Allan Zuniga: azngsoccer@sbcglobal.net

U12, U13, U14/15:   Mickey Kydes   





(As of 6:00pm 6/09/19)

Last Name First Name Team Name
Ahern Addison U10 2010 Girls White
Ahern Grayson U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Ahern John U13 2007 Boys Blue
Alarcon Lucas U11 2009 Boys Blue
Albanese Andre U13 2007 Boys Blue
Alfageme Santiago U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Alfaro Matthew U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Alvarez Michaela U12 2008 Girls Blue
Anglin Jenelle A U12 2008 Girls Blue
Appel Riley U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Arber Hugo U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Arbisman Oren U11 2009 Boys White
Arvind Anit U11 2009 Boys White
Astolfi Carolina U11 2009 Girls Blue
Astolfi Eva U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Axel Chloe U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Bag Bree U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Baltierra Isabella U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Barbuto Christian U13 2007 Boys Red
Barreto Nicolas U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Bassler Mattias U13 2007 Boys White
Bazile William U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Beebe William U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Beebe Zachary U13 2007 Boys Red
Benaderet Jordan U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Benner Juliet U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Benton Cameron U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Benton Rory U12 2008 Boys Blue
Benton Tristan U12 2008 Boys Blue
Bernard Morgan U10 2010 Girls Red 
Bernstein Reid U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Best Keira U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Best Maeve U10 2010 Girls Blue
Birns Andrew U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Blackshaw Hurley Wilfred U13 2007 Boys Blue
Blanco Griffin U12 2008 Boys White
Blanco James U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Blatt Jayden U10 2010 Girls Blue
Bomback Jonah U11 2009 Boys Blue
Borner Ashley U10 2010 Girls Red 
Bowman Charlie U13 2007 Boys White
Boyd Jackson U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Bozeman Grant U11 2009 Boys Blue
Brannigan Seamus U12 2008 Boys White
Brennan Patrick U11 2009 Boys Blue
Briggs William U13 2007 Boys Blue
Britten Ben U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Brookbanks Charlotte U11 2009 Girls White
Cahill Charlie U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Caldas da Cunha Lira Maria C U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Calger Griffin U12 2008 Boys White
Caniato Luca U13 2007 Boys Blue
Caro Max U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Carter Sebastian U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Ceballos-Cala Lucas U13 2007 Boys White
Ceballos-Cala Martin U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Ceman Caden U11 2009 Boys White
Christoph Daniel U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Coffey Ainsley U10 2010 Girls White
Cofsky Logan U13 2007 Boys Red
Cohen Kaela U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Coman Katie U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Cooney Driscoll Sheila U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Cooper Luke U12 2008 Boys White
Corridon Matthew U11 2009 Boys White
Coughlin Addison U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Covaci Theodore U10 2010 Boys White
Crandall Gweneth U11 2009 Girls Blue
Cruz Sebastian U13 2007 Boys Blue
Cukier Benjamin U13 2007 Boys Blue
Dahl Madeleine U12 2008 Girls Blue
Danbeck Quinn U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Darden Casey U11 2009 Girls White
Davies Liam U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Daw William U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
De Witt Blake U11 2009 Girls Blue
Dearborn Reece U12 2008 Girls Blue
Deckelbaum Dean U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Delman Matthew U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Delman Zachary U10 2010 Boys Blue
Delorier Miles U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Derakhshan Spencer U10 2010 Boys White
Dias Marco U12 2008 Boys Blue
Diedrich Luke U10 2010 Boys Blue
Diercksen Brendan U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
DiGiovanni Millie U09 2011-2012 Girls White
DiGiovanni Samuel U12 2008 Boys Blue
Dorfman Kylie U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Dottori Paul U13 2007 Boys White
Driscoll James U11 2009 Boys White
Duque Alexandra U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Duque Gabriel U12 2008 Boys White
Edwards Finn U10 2010 Boys Blue
Eisen Alexa U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Eisenberger Daphne U10 2010 Girls Red 
Eisenberger Penelope U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Elizondo Sebastian U11 2009 Boys Blue
Endich Chloe U10 2010 Girls Red 
Epstein Owen U11 2009 Boys White
Fallquist Hayley U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Federman Rio U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Feldman Levi U11 2009 Boys White
Felleman Charlotte U10 2010 Girls White
Fidalgo Schioppa Santiago U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Fischel Gabriella U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Fischer Lucy U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Fischer William U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Fisher James U10 2010 Boys White
Fitzgerald Jack U10 2010 Boys White
Fitzgerald Ryan U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Flaherty Ryder U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Floto Alexandra U10 2010 Girls Red 
Floto Andrew U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Fontana Kennedy U10 2010 Girls Red 
Ford Lillian U10 2010 Girls White
Fording Daisy U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Fotin Maria U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Frankel Rikki U10 2010 Girls Blue
Freeman Evan U10 2010 Boys White
Frey Beckett U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Frey Hayden U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Fridman Maya U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Fridman Naomi U10 2010 Girls Blue
Garcia Patricio U12 2008 Boys White
Garfield Julian U12 2008 Boys Blue
Garra Victoria U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Gillman Zachary U12 2008 Boys Blue
Girling Spencer U13 2007 Boys Blue
Goodburn Harry U13 2007 Boys Red
Goodman Charles U12 2008 Boys White
Gordon Alexandra U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Gordon Cari U10 2010 Girls Blue
Gottlieb Zachary U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Gravelle Gavin U13 2007 Boys White
Gray Madeline U11 2009 Girls Blue
Green Henry U10 2010 Boys Blue
Green Owen U13 2007 Boys Blue
Greenberger Carly U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Griffin Sloane U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Grimm Isabella U11 2009 Girls Blue
Gullans Riely U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Halky Justin U13 2007 Boys Blue
Halky Kiera U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Halper Kaya U12 2008 Boys White
Hand Avery U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Harvey Blake U11 2009 Girls White
Harvey Freya U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Hauser Ryder U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Healy Christopher U11 2009 Boys White
Hendley Andrea U11 2009 Girls Blue
Heyer Presley U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Hill Aiden U12 2008 Boys Blue
Hill Daniella U10 2010 Girls White
Hill Lucy U11 2009 Girls White
Hill Max U12 2008 Boys Blue
Hinson Thea U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Hinson Zane U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Hogan Aran U11 2009 Boys Blue
Hogan Fionn U13 2007 Boys White
Holl Mason U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Hordon Nathaniel U13 2007 Boys White
Hudonogov Foster Amelia U12 2008 Girls Blue
Hudonogov Foster Oliver U12 2008 Boys White
Iannucci Andrew U10 2010 Boys Red
Iannucci Benjamin U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Jacob Jack U12 2008 Boys White
Jaffe Jack U13 2007 Boys Red
Jandora Charlotte U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Jandora Declan U12 2008 Boys White
Jang Ethan U12 2008 Boys White
Jiang Alex U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Johnson Grady U11 2009 Boys White
Johnson Wyatt U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Jones Connor U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Jones Jessiah U13 2007 Boys Red
Kahn Reid U10 2010 Boys Red
Katz Jordan U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Katz Noa U11 2009 Girls Blue
Katzner Ethan U11 2009 Boys Blue
Kelsey McKenna U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Kennedy Ciaran U10 2010 Boys Blue
Kickham Robert U13 2007 Boys White
Kirt Gemma U10 2010 Girls Red 
Klein Lucas U10 2010 Boys Blue
Klein Tyler U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Kline Addison U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Koler Surya U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Kovics Alexander U11 2009 Boys Blue
Krenzer Ryan U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
LaClair Boden U10 2010 Boys White
LaClair Tessa U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
LaFontan Beaux U09 2011-2012 Boys White
LaForce Holden U10 2010 Boys Blue
Lambert Christopher U10 2010 Boys Red
Lambert Olivia U10 2010 Girls White
Lan Jade U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Landgraf Cole U11 2009 Boys Blue
Lane Eli U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Langone Lachlan U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Larit Katelyn U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Lavergne Atticus U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Lazar Leo U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Lazar Olivia U11 2009 Girls Blue
Lebowitz Spencer U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Lee Alyssa U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Lehrer Aliza U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Leon Derin U10 2010 Boys Red
Lewertoff Josephine U12 2008 Girls Blue
Lewis Graham U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Lieberman Bryn U10 2010 Girls White
Little Ryan U10 2010 Boys Red
Lobsenz Abraham U13 2007 Boys White
Lobsenz Henry U13 2007 Boys Blue
Lopatin Quinn U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Lopatin Tyler U12 2008 Boys White
Low Anthony U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Lundberg Beatrice U12 2008 Girls Blue
Lundberg Walter U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Lynch Archie U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Lynch Oliver U10 2010 Boys Red
Lyon Harleaux U10 2010 Girls White
Lyon Hendrixx U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Mancusi-Ungaro Themistocles U10 2010 Boys Red
Mann Zoe U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Marcus Ryan U10 2010 Boys Red
Marmelo Lucas U12 2008 Boys White
Marshall Jackson U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Martenson Isabella U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Martino Andrew U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Martino Beckham U10 2010 Boys Blue
Martino Joseph U13 2007 Boys Red
Martino Matthew U13 2007 Boys Red
Martire Caitlin U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Mascera Noelle U11 2009 Girls Blue
Maurillo Max U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Maurillo Nathaniel U12 2008 Boys Blue
McCullough Callie U10 2010 Girls Blue
McCullough John U13 2007 Boys White
Mcdonald William U11 2009 Boys White
McGeehan Jake U13 2007 Boys Blue
McGrath Ryan U12 2008 Girls Blue
McGuinn Luke U09 2011-2012 Boys White
McGuinn Maya U11 2009 Girls Blue
McLean Callum U13 2007 Boys Red
McMahon Madeleine U10 2010 Girls Red 
Mermagen Felix U12 2008 Boys Blue
Mermagen Scarlett U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Minnich Alyssa U10 2010 Girls Red 
Minnich Jordan U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Molinari Max U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Moneyhon Darwin James U11 2009 Boys Blue
Moneyhon Eli U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Moneyhon Lucas U10 2010 Boys Blue
Monnerat Benjamin U11 2009 Boys White
Montresoro Alessandro U10 2010 Boys White
Morris Bryn U12 2008 Girls Blue
Morris Cillian U13 2007 Boys White
Morris Lochlan U10 2010 Boys Red
Morris Phoebe U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Mueller Avery U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Murphy Alexandra U10 2010 Girls Red 
Murphy Richard U12 2008 Boys Blue
Murtagh Cass U11 2009 Boys White
Murtagh Ryder U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Nelson Peter U11 2009 Boys Blue
Nelson Sarah U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Neumyer Payton U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Nevstad Levi U13 2007 Boys Blue
Newshel Juliette U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Norris Jacob U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Olefson Sydney U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Oppenheimer Andrew U13 2007 Boys Blue
Oren Oliver U13 2007 Boys Blue
Ormsby Jack U13 2007 Boys Red
Palaia Maria U11 2009 Girls White
Pallai Hunter U12 2008 Boys Blue
Pallai Jack U10 2010 Boys White
Parente Caroline U10 2010 Girls Blue
Pastor Christopher U13 2007 Boys Red
Patel Kaila U11 2009 Girls White
Pendarakis Philippos U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Perry Ethen U13 2007 Boys White
Podziba Alexa U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Podziba Ashley U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Post Allyson U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Potack Mason U09 2011-2012 Boys White
Prussin Camryn U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Quinn Bray U11 2009 Girls White
Reilly Keira U11 2009 Girls White
Rein Reese U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Riera Mateo U10 2010 Boys White
Rinaldi Christian U13 2007 Boys Blue
Rizza Toni U10 2010 Girls Red 
Roberts Luca U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Roberts Michael U10 2010 Boys Red
Root Perrin U13 2007 Boys Blue
Root Shea U11 2009 Girls Blue
Ross Mickey U12 2008 Boys Blue
Rossoni Noah U11 2009 Boys Blue
Rotem Gideon U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Rownin Charlotte U11 2009 Girls White
Rownin Max U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Ruscitti Jackson U13 2007 Boys Red
Rutstein Remi U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Ryan-Herbert Andrew U13 2007 Boys Red
Saed Noah U13 2007 Boys White
Sale Avery U10 2010 Girls Red 
Samuel Oliver U13 2007 Boys Blue
Schachter Rebecca U12 2008 Girls Blue
Scherer Ford U12 2008 Boys White
Schiavone Harper U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Schiavone Matthew U10 2010 Boys Red
Schlegelmilch Dutch U10 2010 Boys Blue
Schmidt Vivian U12 2008 Girls Blue
Schonberg Hannah U15 2005-2006 Girls Blue
Schuster Ryan U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Schwartz Maxwell U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Scott Charles U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Scott Thomas U11 2009 Boys Blue
Seltzer Emme U09 2011-2012 Girls White
Seltzer Rei U12 2008 Boys Blue
Serra Audrey U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Shamie Willa U11 2009 Girls Blue
Sheefel Alexander U10 2010 Boys Gold 
Sherman Sadie U11 2009 Girls White
Shiel Emily U10 2010 Girls Blue
Shiel Luke U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Silverman Claire U11 2009 Girls White
Siroka Preston U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Skatoff Arthur U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Smith Chloe U12 2008 Girls Blue
Smith Penelope U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Sod Alexander U13 2007 Boys Red
Soni Annika U10 2010 Girls Blue
Spayne Joseph U10 2010 Boys White
St. Andre Stella U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Stauder William U13 2007 Boys White
Stephan Liam U11 2009 Boys White
Stickley Everett U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Stollenwerck Walker U11 2009 Boys White
Stubbs Aidan U13 2007 Boys White
Suarez Christina U10 2010 Girls White
Szostak Eli U13 2007 Boys Red
Talbott Addison U10 2010 Girls Blue
Talbott Olivia U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Tansley James U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Tansley Violet U13 2007 Girls Blue 
Thomas Amelie U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Tobin Stella U10 2010 Girls White
Toeplitz Avery U12 2008 Girls Blue
Toeplitz Paige U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Tracey Jaden U10 2010 Girls White
Treanor Lochlann U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Treanor Rory U09 2011-2012 Boys Gold
Tretow Vilgot U15 2005-2006 Boys Blue
Triscari Maxwell U13 2007 Boys White
Triscari Nicolas U11 2009 Boys Blue
Trivino Sofia U11 2009 Girls White
Turker Deniz U13 2007 Boys Red
Turner Micah U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Tybur Graham U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Van Aken Alexa U10 2010 Girls Blue
Veloso Liliana U09 2011-2012 Girls Blue
Waldman Jaden U11 2009 Boys Blue
Walker John U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Wallitt Brooke U11 2009 Girls White
Walters Nolan U10 2010 Boys Blue
Walters Wes U09 2011-2012 Boys Blue
Wang Zylan U09 2011-2012 Boys Red
Weitz Samantha U10 2010 Girls Blue
Wilcox Nyala U11 2009 Girls Blue
Wolff Alexa U11 2009 Girls Blue
Wollowick Olivia U09 2011-2012 Girls Gold
Wood Audrey U12 2008 Girls Blue
Worraker Zak U13 2007 Boys Red
Xu Bohan U11 2009 Boys White
Yanover Lauren U09 2011-2012 Girls Red
Zemel Sabrina U11 2009 Girls White
Zev Eli U10 2010 Boys White
Zhang David U09 2011-2012 Boys Silver 
Zhu Emmy U10 2010 Girls White
Zwick Ian U10 2010 Boys Red