Northeast Seattle girls youth lacrosse program focused on gaining skills, building confidence, and promoting sportsmanship in a positive environment.


SportsSignUp (SSU) Play App Instructions

If you have any questions or issues not answered by the below information, please contact your coaches.

Downloading the App

The free mobile app available for Apple and Android users. The app is used to RSVP for games throughout the season. Other events may be posted on the app as well (practices, team events, etc.). Your coach will inform you whether you should RSVP to any events other than games. RSVPing for games ensures coaches can plan lineups for the game.

Once you have downloaded the app from your app store, enter the same email address you used to register on the Doublecrosse website.

Existing Users Login

At the beginning of each season, it is recommended to log out and back into the app if you've used it previously. When logging in, you will be prompted to enter your account email address.


You may opt to "Send Magic Link" to your email address instead of typing in your password. You will receive a link to your email address to click. Alternatively, you can enter your password.


Selecting Your Current Team

To choose your team, go to "My Teams" at the bottom of the page.



Select "Edit Teams" at the top. You should see the team you/your daughter is on the roster for in the current season. For those who have used the app previously, you may also see previous season teams. Turn off past teams by swiping left (white) and turn on current team(s) by swiping right (green). Once you do this, you can see your team's schedule and roster.


How to RSVP

To RSVP, go to "Schedule" at the bottom. The game schedule will be linked to the app once available.

Select the game you want to RSVP to and under Attendance, select your daughter's icon. You will see "Attending" and "Not Attending" options. Select the appropriate response for that event.



If you RSVP that you are attending, you will see a blue check mark for that event.


If you RSVP that you are not attending, you will see a red x mark for that event.


Contacting Team Members

Once players have been assigned to their roster for the season, you can contact others through the app.

One option is to select "Messages" on the bottom. You can send a message to the entire team by selecting "Team Chat". 


You can opt to send a message to an individual or certain members by going to "Send easyAlert" on the top right. Once you do so, the app automatically populates the Entire Team. You can click the x on entire team to remove.


Then you can click the + sign and select those you want to send the message to.


To find a roster member's shared contact information (phone number and email address), go to "My Teams" on the bottom. Select "Roster" near the top. You will see all coaches and players assigned to the roster.

Note: in the below screenshot, the individuals greyed out have not yet activated their team for the season.


Select the individual whose contact information you are seeking. To see their information, select the "i" on the top left.