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- Information may also be found at:

- Other dullesyouth.com wrestling website tabs, or

- www.nvwf.net

- The following Dulles Youth teams will compete in NVWF:

- Black-light

- Black-heavy

- Silver

- Gold

- Select others

- In general, NVWF hosts two competition venues on each Sunday during the season, however, Dulles Youth is only assigned to attend one of those venues. Locations vary depending on the master season NVWF schedule. 

- Competition schedules are:

- December 3, 10

- January 7, 14, 21, 28

- February 4, 11

- February 18 NVWF takes off  as a bye week due to HS States (however there is another tournament for novice kids, and a separate tournament for advanced kids under the open category)

- February 24 and 25 is the season finale whereby only certain age groups proceed on saturday and others on sunday

- Specific information regarding updates on locations, times, age group start times, volunteer table assignments, and other volunteer duties are provided by coaches on the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to each event date.


NVWF Master Season Schedule (updated January 1, 2018)

- Specific to DSYS ~ attached here

- All NVWF Clubs ~ attached here


NVWF Age Groups for Dulles

- Dulles wrestlers divided by age groups (updated January 1, 2018) ~ attached here

- Age groups compete at separate times during the day with the Bantams/Midgets first, followed by the Juniors, then Intermediates, then the Seniors last. This way parents and kids don't have to be in a gym all day long. 


NVVWF Season Final Tournament

- Saturday, February 24, for Bantams, Midgets, Seniors

- Sunday, February 25, for Juniors, Intermediates 

Seeding for wrestlers will be based on points accumulated by wrestlers throughout the season. Beginners start off with no points at the beginning but accumulate points for participating plus wins. Pins get the greatest number points as compared to a mere decision. Experienced wrestlers start off with 50 points for one year of prior experience, and additional 10 points for each year prior experience. They too get more points for wins, pins, and participation. 

- The Gold group will consist of the top wrestlers with the most points, the Silver group with the next points, and so on. Therefore, highly skilled wrestlers will not face inexperienced wrestlers that have lost during the season. 

Qualifications for the season finals is for those that have competed in at least 5 NVWF events