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Baseball Goals 7-9 Years Old GOALS:

1) Learning the basic rules:

  • Concept of TEAM
  • Force outs
  • Tagging up
  • What is a double play
  • Base running
    • -When you don’t have to run
    • -Not running into or past teammates on the base paths
    • -Always keep running after ball is hit with two outs
  • Balls and Strikes
  • Good Sportsmanship

2) Throwing Mechanics

  • Introduce the four-seam grip
  • Point the front shoulder, step and throw
  • Introduce the concept of generating momentum to the target and following the throw.

3) Catching and Fielding

  • Thrown and hits balls
  • Fingers up versus fingers down
  • See the glove and the ball
  • Use two hands
  • Forehands and backhands
  • Introduce the underhand flip
  • First-base fundamentals
  • Cross over and drop steps

4) Hitting

  • Choosing the right bat
  • Proper grip
  • Hitting pitched balls
  • Introduce drill work (tee, soft toss, short toss)

5) Learning Position Play

  • Learn the positions and the areas each player should cover
  • Cover the nearest base when the ball is not hit to you.
  • Basics of cut-offs and relays