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Baseball Goals 4-6 Years Old GOALS:

1) Learning the basic rules:

  • The right direction to run when the ball is hit
  • Where the bases are and runners must touch the bases
  • How to record outs (catch the ball in the air, throw to first, or tag the runners)
  • Running past first base
  • Concepts of TEAM
  • Three outs constitute a half an inning

2) Throwing Mechanics:

  • Turn the body so the front shoulder points toward the target
  • Keep the throwing elbow above the shoulder
  • Step toward the target with the non-throwing foot and release the ball​


  • Follow the ball with the eyes into the glove
  • Whether on the ground on in the air use softer balls
  • Use two hands to catch and field
  • Try to catch the ball out in front of the body

4) Hitting:

  • How to hold and swing a bat
  • Batting safety! When not to swing bats and wearing batting helmets
  • Hitting off a tee
  • Hitting softly tossed pitches

5) Learning Position Play:

  • If the ball is hit to a teammate let him or her field it
  • Proper fielding position (down and ready)