CSA is excited to announce that we are now partnering with Under Armour and Angelo's Soccer Corner to be our sole providers for all travel player uniform kits. 



Our new travel kits have been custom designed specifically for our CSA travel teams and, with the purchase of these new kits, there is no longer the requirement to purchase or change kits every two years!  Included in each mandatory kit are two jerseys, two shorts, two socks, and one training tee.  Additional items, including backpacks, warmups, coaching gear, and spirit wear are also available for purchase.  Links to the player, coach, and spirit wear sites are as follows:


Player Store: Currently closed

Coach Store: Currently closed

Spirit Wear Store


A username and password are required for the player and coach stores; if you need login information, please contact CSA Travel Division's uniform coordinator at .

In addition, Angelo's Soccer Corner is providing exclusive club discounts and benefits available through their website and retail stores by providing all travel players, coaches, and board members with a promo code.  If you have not received the promo code, please contact the uniform coordinator.