Central Amherst Little League

Snack Stand Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Why do we have a snack stand?

There are several reasons, first and foremost being, the kids love it. They look forward to getting a treat after their games. Secondly, it’s a benefit to our league families. The opportunity to catch an inexpensive dinner, or grab a snack or a drink during a long day at the park is a benefit that most other sports don’t provide. Thirdly, it is a main source of revenue for the league.

Question: Where do the snack stand proceeds go?

Many places, but mostly to general amenities and park improvements. For instance, last year’s snack stand renovation, new siding on our two buildings, the “green monster”, the bathroom trailer, canopies that are being installed soon over each dugout, and many others that you may not see.

Question: Doesn’t my enrollment fee cover all of that?

No, at least not entirely. The enrollment fees go mostly toward other things, like uniforms, grounds crew, equipment, taxes, gas for the mowers, etc. Your fees cover the necessities for running the league. We need other sources of revenue for major projects and park improvements.

Question: Why do families have to work in the stand? Why don’t we hire a crew?

Volunteering in the stand is a tradition that goes back decades. It gives parents an opportunity to meet other families and give back to Central Amherst. True, we could hire a regular crew, but that would run into the thousands of dollars each season, and that is money that is better spent elsewhere.

Question: How often must I work in the stand?

You should only have to do it once per year. Each team is assigned one or two shifts each season. With a minimum of 5 people required each shift, and there being 10-12 families per team, no one should have to do it more than once.

Question: How many people from each team must work in the stand for each shift?

There is a 5 person minimum per shift.

Question: Do I as a parent have to work in the stand, or may I send my child or a representative?

Yes, with exceptions. You may send someone in your place, however, children must be at least 13 to work in the stand. An adult must work the grill, and an adult must work the fryer. Three of the five workers may be teenagers. It is up to each team to figure out who will work their shift.

Question: What if my team doesn’t send enough workers?

Per league rules, the game for the team assigned will not begin until the stand is fully staffed.

Question: How do I know when we are scheduled?

The stand schedule was distributed to coaches before the season and is on the league website. It is up to the coaches to either solicit volunteers or assign duties.

Question: When do I show up and how long must I stay?

We ask you to arrive at 5:45pm on weekdays, and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your child’s game on Saturdays. The reason for the early arrival is that there is a lot involved with running the stand, and it will take time to get you up to speed and swap out with the crew from the earlier game. On weekdays and the final Saturday shift, you are required to serve everyone that is there and then follow the closing checklist to clean and ready the stand for the next day. On Saturdays, you must stay until your team has been fully relieved by the incoming team.

Question: How do I know what to do when I get there?

Either the snack stand coordinator or a member of his opening team will be there to train you on all the machines, the grill, procedures, etc. One adult will be in charge of grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, another adult will be in charge of the fryer, pretzels and nachos, and the other two or three will sell candy, pizza, drinksand popcorn. The opener will remain with you for a little while until your team feels comfortable. On Saturdays we rely on the outgoing team to help transition the incoming team.

Question: Will I enjoy this experience or will it be a total drag?

Like with anything, you get out of it what you put in, but most parents through the years will tell you that it was a lot of fun. Central Amherst Little League sincerely appreciates your efforts.